Band Life to Brew Life: A Hard Core Story

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We met David Allegrezza, owner of Something Brewery, while sitting at a bar drinking craft beer.  Really, beer lovers meeting other beer lovers sitting at a bar drinking beer?  It happens. Turns out David isn’t just one of the owners, he’s a brewer, a designer, and a previous rock star lead singer of a hard core, punk style band named One Too Many. Really? We had to find out more about this band life to brew hard core story.

Something Brewery is located in the middle of nowhere, Brighton, Colorado. Making the trek northeast from Denver through city traffic, farmland, and into small town Brighton, we were not disappointed by his story or his beer.

Turning Music into Something

Started from a group of friends in a band that couldn’t decide on a song, deciding to brew beer instead, these guys took their punk boy attitudes and created a brewery with the same hard work, perseverance, and cocky attitude that they passionately put into their music.

Turning down a $100,000 offer from Coors to help start the business (What craft brewer wouldn’t turn this down?), Dustin Christopher, the Mr. Fix-It and Build It Guy; Brian Castillo, the Mathematician and Brain Guy and David the Designer and Marketing Guy, decided to build a brewery the way they built their band. With attitude, creativity, and DIY style.

Hard Core Became Something

Starting a brewery with $62,000 is no easy feat, but making $8,000 the first day of being open was definitely more than they ever made when playing music.  I’m pretty sure they also had more fans at their brewery now than they’ve ever had at one of their shows.

We know this because our kids play in the hardcore, punk music scene.  As David mentions in the video, and we’ve seen first hand, marketing for the music scene pays off when you get more than 10 people to see your show.  That same amount of dedication is evidenced so much more in a brewery.  Plus, you get to drink your work.

a flight of beers at Something Brewery in Brighton Colorado

Something Became Everything

Rarely playing, but still fans of hardcore, David and his former bandmates, now brewmates have definitely made a name for themselves in the craft beer scene. And they didn’t need Coors to do so.

A sign on a brick wall at Something Brewery in Brighton Colorado stating There's always something to be thankful for

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