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The Big Horns brought us to Wyoming, Ten Sleep kept us there. Most people would drive straight through a small town in Wyoming, especially one with less than 300 people. And most do just that, being that they’re on their way to either the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone. But as many of you know, we’re not most people.

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77 years old and I’m still alive – because of the Stout!

Dave from Ten Sleep Brewing

Although I did say it was the Big Horns that brought us to Wyoming, those of you that know us, know damn well it was the beer. It’s always about the beer…and the community that comes with it. And if there’s also camping involved…at a brewery, and beer born in a barn, and nights spent at the local dive bar after closing down the brewery, yeah, you know we’re suckers for all of that.

So it was a given that we had to find out more about the people that started this brewery in a barn in small town Wyoming.

Nestled next to the Big Horns between the Black Hills and Yellowstone, tourists, climbers, and locals alike gather at Ten Sleep Brewing Company for wild west tales, great beer brewed in a barn, and historic adventures. 

Ten Sleep Brewing Company Ten Sleep Wyoming beer born in the barn

We absolutely loved sitting outside on a picnic table with the Big Horn Mountains as a backdrop, soaking up some sunshine while sipping on some stouts and shootin’ the shit with Justin and Dave of Ten Sleep Brewing Company. Just as they did with us, they will impress you with their tales of family and turmoil while setting up a brewery in a barn, all while keeping you intrigued with the history of this stunning region, their family ties, and the love that goes into creating BEER!

well-traveled bar top

Oh the places we went!

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Another (many) stop on our way to the craft beer journalism conference we mentioned was Bozeman. Check it out – great beer scene. And for more info on the beer conference (slated for August 2020 but probably not happening) click here to learn more about BeerNow.


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