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Everyone knows Tucson. But less than an hour south lies the beautiful Sonoita Valley, home to many Arizona vineyards, but more importantly, home to Copper Brothel Brewery. Family owned and operated, this brewery honors history, family, and beer. In a country with 8,000 breweries, Copper Brothel Brewery offers a unique take on the history of women, the love of family, and the knowledge that humor plays well with beer.

Meet the Girls

Speaking of humor: If you want a girl, order her!  She’ll come as a pint of beer, but you’ll get exactly what you ordered. And this is why, at Copper Brothel Brewery, names are everything. 

Getting a little cheeky, but not too cheeky (pun intended), Sammie and the rest of the family have a blast coming up with names for their beers.  And we hope you have a blast watching them. If only you could also drink one.

Grandpa’s Bucket List

Many breweries started from the love of homebrewing. Many breweries have also since closed. Sheer love of making beer is not enough to keep a brewery open. Add to that love: family, location, lessons, history, humor, and marketing, though, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good recipe.

Sammie, co-owner and head brewer has always loved brewing beer, but never thought of opening a brewery until her Grandpa passed away. She and her family were going through some old papers and found a wish list of his. One of his wishes was to start a business.

Growing up in Colorado with family working at Coors, “beer has always been a cornerstone to our family,” it seems as though a brewery has always been in their future.

Since Grandpa would have been sitting at the bar shooting the shit with other cowboys if he was here today, this short video is to honor Grandpa. We met him through his grandchildren, and because of that, we gotta sit at the bar with him, too…shooting the shit. Cheers, Grandpa!

The Brothel

There’s a lot in a name, and here at Copper Brothel Brewery, the name honors history and the importance of women both in the past and today. In less time to solve an algebraic equation, you’ll learn how brothels empowered women in this short video. Take the time to learn a bit of history while meeting the people that brew the beverage you love…beer.

On a quiet street, in the quaint town of Sonoita, Arizona, lies a brothel, I mean a brewery – Copper Brothel Brewery to be exact. Female brewed and predominantly female owned, Copper Brothel Brewery celebrates the history of women and their contributions to society in the Wild West. Brothels paved the way.

Not the prettiest occupation, it did increase female businesses, and the contributions that brothels gave back to the community allowed schools and hospitals to be built at that time. Copper Brothel Brewery showcases a piece of history in an Arizona mining town that is often frowned upon, yet they do it with class and humor, celebrating history through beer!

Stay tuned for more from the family at Copper Brothel Brewery.

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