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From dreams of wanting to be the King of Mexico when he was little to owning a brewery when he was older, Paco from Canneria Cerveza in Ensenada, Baja California, is now both – The King of Canneria.  I’ll admit, that’s my title not his, but it suits him well, as he, along with other craft brewers in Baja, is revolutionizing the craft beer industry here.

No More Mexican Breweries

It’s not easy being in a third world country. And then when you try to build a business, let alone a craft brewery where it seems like the only brewers in the country are big beers, it feels next to impossible.  Talking to Paco, it turns out the only true Mexican beers are craft beers.

Hope Antennas

This King has big dreams for his little brewery.  Purchasing equipment one piece at a time, building additions one story at a time, Paco’s dreams will come true. Until then, he will just have to be inspired by what Anthony Bourdain refers to as “Hope Antennas.”

Talking to both Paco and his beertender, Sergio, these two will inspire you to find your Stout Life.  On this brief journey through growth, craft beer, and Baja, simply put, “All the flavors of the beer match up with all the flavors of Baja.”

The King of Canneria

From a wine kit to a beer kit to the well-known How to Brew book by John Palmer, Paco has created a brewery full of art, community, inspiration, and good beer, one piece of equipment and humor at a time.

“Gringos are not stupid, they make a wine kit, they might make a beer kit.”

Paco, owner of Canneria Cerveza, on how he became a brewer

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