Finding Our Why in a Craft Beer Lifestyle

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As many of you may know, we recently attended an entrepreneurial conference for those geared towards the nomadic lifestyle.

While there, we heard a lot about finding your why. Meaning why have we chosen this lifestyle?

Creating a Craft Beer Lifestyle

Mid-2018, we sold a lot of stuff, gave the rest of it away, turned the keys to our house over to our kids, and moved into an RV to travel the country in search of adventures around a craft beer lifestyle. We were on a journey to tell stories about the people behind the craft of craft beer. Yes, it’s adventurous, but it is not always easy. In fact, most things adventurous aren’t easy. So, again…Why?

Our first ever craft beer meet up!
Photo Courtesy of JJ Gaylor)

Why choose a nomadic lifestyle?

Why have we chosen to deal with not-so-fast (sometimes non-existent) internet connections, always having to look at maps to know where the grocery store is, pot-holed roads leading us to our next overnight spot, the possibility of coming across a bridge that we cannot fit under (almost did that), strangers as our neighbors when we have loving family and friends at home?

The answers are actually quite simple.

Because those not so fast (sometimes non-existent) internet connections have been found in quaint breweries with sunshine yellow umbrellas under the brilliant, spring Alabama sun.

At Trim Tab Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama

Because those maps have directed you instead to farmers markets laden with palettes of colorful fruits and vegetables. Because those pot-holed roads have ended in lush fields of green grass next to rivers stock full of fish and sunsets that rival Colorado’s blue and orange skies.

Tennessee River Sunset

Because those strangers quickly become lifelong friends who travel anywhere just to have dinner with you for one night and have now joined the ranks of your loving family and friends back home.

Our new BFF’s!

Because you find yourself climbing steps to a church that you’ve only read about and now that story of the Birmingham Church Bombing in 1963 is as real as the tears streaming down your face.

16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

Because of all this, we have come to realize that our why is as quite simple as those answers.

Our Why

To travel where we want, when we want. To understand more of who we are as individuals and as a couple, and to inspire others to find their why.

But where’s the craft beer? It’s in there. It’s in the breweries we seek out and the ones that surprise us. It’s in the communities we create, the stories we tell, the biking trails we struggle to climb, and the cities we explore.

It’s not about the craft beer.

You heard me right. It’s not about the craft beer. It’s about the lifestyle, the adventures and the unknowns that become a part of who we are…the stories all told around a great craft beer.

So, take this thought with you. It doesn’t matter if you are nomadic or static, if you work for yourself or somebody else, if you like calm or adventure – and I hate to say it – if you drink beer or wine…

What matters is that you are doing all of this because it matches your why.

What is your why?

Now, create a life that matches it.


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Brian Ott
4 years ago

Awesome post. The Why is the most important thing and the what is just the vehicle to accomplish to get to your why!!