Re-cycling Our Way into Used Mountain Bikes

It turns out having our mountain bikes stolen was a blessing in disguise. If not for some scuzzbag, we might never have found our way to Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery, where we were able to re-cycle our way into some new-to-us, used mountain bikes. How happy are we after months of riding them?

RAIF and mountain bikes in Ensenada Baja California Mexico

They Stole our Mountain Bikes, but not our Spirits!

Rounding the corner in Ensenada, bellies full of street tacos and cerveza, we caught a glimpse of something orange on the ground and immediately we knew our beloved bikes were no longer with us. Thieves be damned, we ain’t quitting yet!

Ken and April top 5 2019

Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2019

The best of 2019 breweries, camp spots, beer events, and mountain biking trails. Before you go anywhere, see what we’ve got to say about everywhere. Ok, not everywhere, but we’re getting there.

Ken and April biking in Trent South Dakota

Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2020

As I was compiling all of our data for 2020, I found myself bitching about all the money we spent eating out, drinking beer, maintaining our mountain bikes and traveling. But the truth is, this is what we love to do. So, why would we stop? Here are our top 5 lists for things beer, biking and travel related. We hope you find this list entertaining, informative and helpful when planning your 2021 craft beer lifestyle.