boondocking and beer and feet

Beer, Boondocking, and the C-Word

It’s time. Summertime and time to go. Time to travel. Time for some beer and boondocking, even if that C-word is still out there. We’ve got some brewery and boondocking tips for you to make travel easy again.

April mountain biking in Helena Montana

Free Camping, Beer, & Biking: Harvest Hosts Breweries in the Rocky Mountains

This Rocky Mountain Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer, and Biking Guide is one of five regional guides giving you instant access to mountain biking trails that match up with free camping at breweries nationwide. The open road, the adventurous trails, a freshly brewed beer, handcrafted pizza, conversations and laughter under the stars. This is what we live for, camping, beer, and biking.

Mike Dial WanderLingerBrewing Chattanooga Tennessee

The Chattanooga Beer and Adventure Scene

Take a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Find out all about the Chattanooga beer and adventure scene from Mike Dial, brewer and owner of WanderLinger Brewing Company, and your hosts, Ken and April.

Carol and Dave from Ten Sleep Wyoming holding beers

Beer Born in a Barn

The Big Horns brought us to Wyoming, Ten Sleep kept us there. Most people would drive straight through a small town in Wyoming, but as many of you know, we’re not most people. And neither are Dave and Justin of Ten Sleep Brewing. With our tales of dive bars mixed with theirs of beer born in a barn, we’ve got your Wild West covered.

April getting frustrated with Kenny by acting to slap him

If You Were a Beer, What Beer Would You Be?

Have you ever wondered about garden gnomes and laminated lists or what beer you might be? We do. We each had an assignment to come up with five questions to ask each other. We were not allowed to know what the questions were ahead of time, and they couldn’t be obvious, easy-to-come-by answers.

David holding a flight of beers at Something Brewery in Brighton Colorado

Band Life to Brew Life: A Hard Core Story

Started from a group of friends in a band that couldn’t decide on a song, deciding to brew beer instead, these guys took their punk boy attitudes and created a brewery with the same hard work, perseverance, and cocky attitude that they passionately put into their music.