BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus is a Tap Above the Rest

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BrewDog is a brewery originating in true brewer’s fashion, a garage. Albeit in Scotland. In its current iteration it is a chain upheld and truly put into practice by the employees within the walls of every BrewDog location including their massive DogTap Columbus location. To this day, the employees of BrewDog hold a 50% share of bar profits and uphold a beer community that surrounds their place of work building up the multinational crowdfunded beer empire that it is today: BrewDog

BrewDog IMG_7215

Welcome to BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus

Our own first soiree with BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus was nothing short of magical. From the moment we turned the corner and caught the first glimpse of the huge billowing blue flag signifying BrewDog there was a feeling of anticipation that can only be found in the greatest of thrills. Something we only usually find climbing a mountain bike trail or soaring down a mountain on a snowboard.

The same held true when we first came across BrewDog in Scotland. Turning a corner in Edinburgh, there it was. Magical! A small nondescript location that held unique beers and some of the best pizza we’ve ever had.

But we’re not here to talk about Scotland, we’re here to tell you all about BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus.

Ken walking towards the party at the DogTap

DogTap Beer Garden and DogHouse!

Meandering through the parking lot, it was like entering a world we had only ever dreamt about: a hotel appropriately named the DogHouse, on site with taps in every room (including the shower), the gorgeous beer garden complete with pond (unexpectedly not filled with beer), outdoor beer taps, Adirondack style chairs, fire pits, lawn games, and true to it’s name, an expansive area for man’s best friend.

DogTap beer garden and pond
Just one small portion of DogTap’s massive beer garden

DogTap Shopping!

At that point we hadn’t even gone inside and the anticipation was insurmountable. Could the massive interior compete with the coziness of nature’s beauty? Let’s call it a tie. Walking into DogTap Columbus for the first time was like walking into a piece of history from the textbooks (if beer geeks wrote textbooks). Upon entering, the marketing gurus had successfully done their job. Immediately we wanted to take out our wallets (which we did) and buy stuff. They were stocked to the brim with everything from six packs to single bottles, t-shirts to work shirts, hats to koozies, and more than two traveling beer geeks could dream of.

DogTap Food and Beer Museum!

The store was just the beginning. Off to the left was a beer museum (see, textbook history come to life), a bar to get beer while you shop(!) and growlers filled to go. There was a cozy sitting area to hang out and read books (about beer obviously), a restaurant complete with various perches upon which to dine (and of course drink beer), and as if that wasn’t enough, plenty of arcade games and pinball machines. Last but not least, the actual bar… with all the beer… It was a scene straight out of a movie complete with its own marquee, a sight of neon beauty. And the headliners on that marquee? Absolutely exquisite beer.

BrewDog's DogTap Columbus Marquee in restaurant
The highlight of any brewery…beer!

DogTap Beer!

BrewDog doesn’t just brew beer; they create art and push boundaries. Their beer is an experience. Listed below are only a few of BrewDog’s fantastic works of art. You’ll have to pay a visit here to experience their ever-changing list of beers for your own taste buds.

BrewDog beer Ohio AGM 2018 IMG_2541
  • Hazy Jane (New England IPA) – 7.2% This easy drinking beer is full of the juicy fruitiness of pineapple, stone fruit, mango, and a hint of lime peel.
  • Jet Black Heart (Oatmeal Milk Stout) – 4.7% With roasty malt flavors of coffee and chocolate and a low ABV, this is a great dark beer to snuggle up with throughout the day and into the evening, described perfectly as “black as pitch and smooth as hell.”
  • Elvis Juice (Grapefruit Infused IPA) – 6.5% You gotta love this one just for the name. Grapefruit, pine, and orange make this a “full frontal citrus overload” with intense flavors and an array of beautiful hops.
  • Abstrakt 24 (Baltic Porter) – 12% This coffee and brown sugar “boundary pushing beer” is made in limited edition batches as noted by its number, and is meant to be savored and sipped.  Beer can’t get much better than this.
  • PB&J (Milk Stout) – 11% The names says it all, and with just the right amounts of PB&J, this is one helluva good beer.  A sweet treat meant to be a reminder that adults like the good stuff, too.

Equity for Punks and Annual General Mayhem

This experience is not done yet. We first went to DogTap because we invested in BrewDog. This program was known as Equity for Punks or EFP. Now closed to new investors, we feel pretty lucky that we timed this investment right. (Click here for what you missed out on and to learn more if you’re just curious.)

Because we believed in the experience that is BrewDog, we came to celebrate in 2018 for Annual General Mayhem (AGM), BrewDog’s annual shareholder’s meeting. There was beer and music and guest beers and crazy people and food and laughter and smiles and beer and mud and dancing and new friends and more mud. Now that’s how you host a meeting!

While the EFP program is closed, AGM is not! And it’s open to the public. Join us this year at AGM 2022!

Annual General Mayhem 2022

WHAT:AGM 2022 is open to both the public and EFP shareholders.
WHEN:September 17, 2022
WHERE:BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus in Canal Winchester, OH
TICKETS:Click here for all the info and to get your tickets now!
Ken and friend BrewDog AGM 2018 DogTap Columbus
Mud and mischief at AGM 2018

Stay Connected with BrewDog’s DogTap Columbus

Dogtap Columbus
96 Gender Rd
Canal Winchester, OH


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