Bikin’ Bits: Short Bits on Where to MTB

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Welcome to Bikin’ Bits – a bit about bikin’ – so you don’t have to look to find the trails you want to ride. Where we tell you the loops to ride, the loopdy-loops to ride, the uphills, the downhills. Where to MTB!

Where we summarize the trails, so you know exactly where you want to go, how long you want to spend, how much elevation you want to gain and how much descent you want to fly down. And of course there’ll be a brewery recommendation at the end.

Bikin Bits: Tucson Mtn Park – MTB Meets Cactus

This 12 mile loop might be enough to test your map skills, but being surrounded by Saguaros while cruising down some pretty sweet hills, will make up for your lack of directional knowledge. Just follow us.

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Bikin Bits: Bend – Can you Phil it? Floatin’ down the MTB Trails

This 16 mile loop was the ride of all rides. With over seven miles of one of the best downhill rides ever, you’ll be feeling like a 12 year-old-kid again, where the entire world is your playground.

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Bikin Bits: Bend – Whoops! A Fun, Fast & Flowy MTB Ride

More from Phil’s in Bend with a 12 mile loop that includes a variety of fun trails and some Whoops! You’ll feel energized after this roller coaster!

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Bikin’ Bits: Bend – Getting Black & Blue at Phil’s with Voodoo & Grand Slam

Phil’s trail system is one of the best known trail systems in Oregon, if not in the country. We’ve got a 12 mile black and blue loop for your MTB thrills in Bend.

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Bikin’ Bits: Missoula and Rattlesnake Rec Midweek Ride

With over 100 miles of trails and a plethora of breweries within riding distance from Rattlesnake Rec, this midweek ride will earn your beers.

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Bikin’ Bits: Get Your MTB Fix Before Heading into Yellowstone

Free camping in the Bighorns with MTB trails right outside your door. This ride is the perfect fix.

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Bikin’ Bits: Pre-Dinner Ride at Green Mountain (Denver Metro)

Check out this six mile loop at Lakewood’s Green Mountain. When you need a MTB ride, but don’t have the time to head to the mountains, the ‘burbs will do.

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Bikin’ Bits: Lunch Time Ride in Salida

Check out this lunch time ride on Salida’s “S” Mountain. When you have limited time, but you still must ride, these are the trails for you.

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Trail Connections on YouTube:

Check out our YouTube channel where you get to see many of the trails we talk about on the podcast.

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