Driving an RV in NYC

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Driving in New York City isn’t an easy task in a passenger car; let alone in an RV. Never ones to look for the easy route (we live in an RV), we decided to try our hands at driving an RV in NYC.  It was definitely an experience, but we did manage to come out of it alive.  Granted, our RV is on the smaller size at 24 feet, and we didn’t drive anywhere near Times Square, (we used the subway for that, like normal people) overall, the experience wasn’t too bad.  In fact, we would do it again.

A few pieces of simple advice before you head out to NYC in your RV:

  • Find the truck route. The bridges are confusing.
  • Stay off of parkways, and when it says passenger cars only, don’t go there.  The bridges lie.
  • Stay at Floyd Bennett Field. While it is a very strange place, it is well protected as NYPD and military train there.  It is actually considered a National Park, so certain park passes give you discounts, and you can park your RV while you travel NYC like a normal person…on public transportation. (The Metro Card is easy to get and easy to use on both the subway and the bus.)
  • Do your research.  In a city of over 8 million people in about 300 square miles, it can be quite intimidating, especially in an over-sized vehicle; however, if done right, driving an RV in NYC can also be quite exhilarating!
  • Be patient, calm, and laugh at the craziness around you; otherwise, you might be sucked into it.

Maybe we would live here someday…for about three months…or less.  Enjoy our clips of craziness!

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