Nomadic Life – Random Writings #12

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nomadic life

While this was originally written when wandering through Ireland and Great Britain with my husband and youngest son in 2016, it works well for the nomadic life, which my husband and I have now chosen.

The struggles of the unknown
The worries, the strife, the arguments

Trying to please
Trying too hard

Making plans
Too many or none at all

Where to go?
Where to eat, to sleep, to sit, to visit, to drink?

What to do?
What to create, to wonder, to plan?

To be peaceful, to be crazy?
To be rested or adventurous?

To climb or ride?
To bike, bus, fly, walk, or drive?

It is unknown
A toilet? A shower? Beware!

Change plans on a whim
WiFi? Where?

No matter – all shuttered for the night
Maybe over there?

Social still?
No more talk – the quiet – a thrill

The city, the desert, the forest, or the sea?
Another hike on concrete, it’ll be

Round that bend?
Nope, maybe that end?

The feet, the back, the brain 
All on fire

The rains, the cold, the wind
No worries, they never tire

The struggles remain
But the smiles sustain

Through it all
The adventures stay true

Where to go and what to do?
A mystery unknown

A challenge it will be
As the story unfolds

You write the book
Will your pages be full?

Wanders through new lands
Strangers becoming friends

New pages to constantly turn
New lessons to eagerly learn 

Or will it stay forever on the page first written?
Fear of the unknown, the path already chosen?

Roots planted, frozen?

Not me, Not me!

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