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ape silly on bike just do itI just wanted to jot down a few thoughts that were coursing through my brain while hauling my ass up the trail and then consequently flying down. What goes up must come down, so just do it!

I just started mountain biking a year ago. And in my true style, didn’t know much about it, just knew I wanted to do it, so I did it. And after a few minor bumps and bruises, I’m sure there will be more, for the most part I figured it out.

Am I an expert? Hell no and don’t ever plan on being one. Is it fun and hard work? Hell yeah and I love both the struggle and accomplishment of the uphill and the exhilaration and freedom of the downhill.

Do I have doubts? Um, all the time. Do I have the right equipment? Am I following proper trail etiquette? Am I switching gears the right way? Who’s judging me? Who’s laughing?

Who cares! “Speak your truth and let your spirit fly.” (Michael Franti)

Just Start

When I started mountain biking, I didn’t have the best equipment or the experience.  The same holds true to the entrepreneur spirit! I don’t have the best microphone or camera, and I struggle every day learning new tools and skills while editing posts and video.  Sometimes, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing at all.

But as an educator, I have always taught my students to go for it – failure is a part of growing and learning.  Now, it’s my turn to be a student again.

And whether that’s on a mountain bike,  a rock wall, a giant wave, or Pinterest, bring it on! Because while I’m not an expert at those things, I am definitely an expert student even when I know that Pinterest will be the death of me.

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