Beer for the Wild Ones at Sacred Waters Brewing Co

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Here’s to the Wild Ones, the Sacred Ones, the Hard Working Ones, and the Kind Ones. Jordan encompasses all of these qualities along with a passion for good community, good beer, and good hospitality.

Welcome to Sacred Waters Brewing Company in Kalispell, Montana, where family is honored, beer is savored, and water is sacred.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

1:04 Celebrating Mom
The story behind the name is quite inspirational and will want to make you head outdoors and never come back inside. Jordan truly celebrates her love for family and the outdoors with Sacred Waters.

3:32 Comfort Zones
Jordan shares that she gets a bit nervous talking to people, but is energized and inspired by her parents to push past her comfort zone.

4:15 Building Community
People, along with beer, can help you settle, relax, and switch gears after a hard day’s work. Problems are easier to solve with friends and family around a great beer.

5:48   Collaborations and Destinations
Located in a business complex with a cidery, a winery, a bakery, and market, Sacred Waters is a destination brewery. 

6:22 Scottish Huckleberries
What? Montana loves its huckleberries and Scottish Ales.

6:51 Guts and Grit
Jordan’s dad is a cowboy poet (“guts get you going and the grit to get you there”), and the story behind naming this beer is a listen

8:10 Not a Brewer
Jordan loves craft beer and the hospitality industry, which at the end of the day, that’s what a brewery is. “It’s about meeting people. It’s like that confluence of the rivers.” She has the entrepreneur spirit, but knew that she had to hire a brewer.

11:02 Turning Dad into a Beer Drinker
Always learning, Jordan loved to learn about the hop profiles and the brewing industry, doing market research and learning all about the industry.  “If you want to start a business go to those that are already successful. Passionate about her business, she found the same in her brewer, Joe Byers.

13:33 Welcome to the Family
Jordan talks about how welcoming the brewing industry is. People within the industry are more collaborative than competitive, and they all learn from and support each other.

14:53 Jordan the Brewer?
Jordan has brewed before, and does have inout into the brews, but she’d rather leave the science and creativity to the brewer.

16:23 Joe the Brewer!
Joe takes the time to educate not just brew. Giving staff the time to taste each brew and understand their own tastes is another way Jordan works her hospitality skills into the brewery and the beers. It’s about the entire experience.

18:22 “30 Second” Business Plan
“Decide if you really love that industry, because it’s going to be your life.” Jordan also took it a step further and worked behind the bar at Highland Brewing Company.  She believes this helps her be a better boss, working hard to be like Cheers where everyone knows your name.

20:55 A Stout Life
If you were listening, you know her answer has something to do with family and water.

23:05 Beyond the Taproom – Raw Footage
Jordan talks about her love for beers and her staff

We’d love to hear from you.

Being on the water, enjoying family and the outdoors are all sacred to Jordan.  What’s sacred to you? Let us know in the comments below.

The Wild Ones sign with Jordan's mom fly fishing logo at Sacred Waters Brewing Co in Kalispell Montana

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