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Aaah, Stowe, Vermont. Just the mention of this quaint, postcard town, drops my stress levels to zero.  Granted, they’re not that high to start with considering we are doing our best to live a Stout Life, but Stowe, will take away your cares and leave you with nothing but peace.  It’s that kind of town.

beer of the week the alchemistParking in a little dirt pullout just past the bustle of small-town main street, we unstrapped our bikes and rode into town like the locals.  Black Cap Coffee and Beer, nestled right across the street from the iconic spire of Stowe Community Church, offered a cozy spot to get a bit of work done as well as a little craft beer shopping.  And we found a gem of a shopping deal here. For only two bucks, we acquired an Oskar Blues Pinner beer tin sign.  Kind of ironic, since Oskar Blues is from Colorado.  This little piece of metal now has a story of its own.

With work completed for the moment, we took off on foot to explore the town with its country shops, covered bridge, and venerable cemetery with headstones dated back to the early 1800’s.  Always on the lookout for breweries, but none within Stowe proper, we opted for Stowe Public House and Bottle Shop instead.  And what a gem!

They had an expansive amount of local beer both to drink on site (and in Stowe, as long as you open up your drink of choice on the street, you can wander the town, drink in hand) and buy to cherish around friends later. Kenny was in craft beer heaven.  After purchasing a couple of must have Vermont flavors of maple and piney hops, we headed through the hobbit like door to hang out at the white-washed bar and sample a few local brews.

While conversing with Ed, a local full time ski patrol, we sipped on an in-your face, not for the IPA newbie, beer from The Alchemist.  Drum roll, please…

beer of the week the alchemistThe Beer of the Week – The Alchemist’s Heady Topper

This hop-bombed 8% American Imperial IPA is bold and bitter, with just a hint of citrus to make it that perfect balance of chemistry.  And chemistry it is; crafted to drink straight from the can.  The Alchemist is a family run brewery specializing in fresh, unfiltered IPA’s.  It offers tourists and locals alike a fresh flavor in both beer and art.

We chose this beer, not only because of the intense flavor, but also because of the ingenuity that goes into crafting this beer, alongside the ambiance of sharing drinks with Ed at The Public House in the quaint, postcard town of Stowe, Vermont.  With a local flair, staying open past closing time, the casual, homey feel here combined with the perfectly balanced hoppiness (happiness) of the Heady Topper, made this an easy choice.

After all, beer, oftentimes, is not just about the taste, it is about the people you meet along the way.


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Until next week…Cheers, Salud, Afya!

Oh, and obviously, we’re beer people, so we definitely take suggestions of beer that you think could be the next Stout Life Recommended Beer of the Week.  Send us a note by completing the form below.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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