Random Writings #5 – Cherished Cup of Coffee

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cherished cup of coffeeToday, while sitting on a rock in eastern Maine with the waves of the Atlantic crashing under my feet, sipping on my cherished cup of coffee, I was in awe of science and Mother Nature. Yesterday afternoon, I was working out in this exact spot, and the water was about eight feet lower with seaweed, tidal pools, and rocks exposed beneath my high perch above the water.

Yesterday, I was following the slow, sideways movement of a little crab as he worked hard to hide himself under the seaweed in the neighboring tide pool.  Today, with the water rising higher by the minute, I found myself wondering about my little crab friend from yesterday…letting my curiosity take over.  Was he still there? Did he get swept out into the big, blue, adventurous sea?

cherished cup of coffeeIn the suburbs of Denver, my morning coffee was rarely anything to be cherished, as I generally rushed out the door, late to work as usual.

Granted there were times when we would head off into the mountains for the weekend or a few exotic vacation spots, and I would cherish my morning coffee while gazing out at the view from my mountainside balcony or beachside gazebo, or wherever that year’s vacation or weekend wanderings took us. But then it was back to the grind again and cherished coffee moments wandered off into the 9 to 5 abyss.

cherished cup of coffeeThe point to this random writing is to remind all of us to start our day with a cherished cup of coffee, regardless of where we are.  Yes, it is definitely easier to cherish that cup when the sea is your partner; however, this day is not guaranteed, and that coffee could be the start of the day that creates your Stout Life.

Here’s to the cherished cup of coffee!

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