Brewability Lab: An Inclusive Brewery Debunking the Disability Myth

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Each and every one of us has different abilities along with disabilities, and at Brewability Lab, an inclusive brewery just outside of Denver, these disabilities are celebrated as abilities.

So what exactly is an inclusive brewery? Tiffany, former special education teacher and current owner of Brewability Lab, states that it means to employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that can include people who are blind or deaf, have autism, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy and terminally ill folks, to name a few.

Tiffany walks us through what it means to be an inclusive brewery and how she supports her staff and debunks the myth that they are disabled. Treating them as adults, because they are adults, she will revel you with a fun tale of a birthday gift, inform you how to behave in a brewery (you should already know how to do so), and simply tell you straight up that we all have abilities and disabilities, so celebrate exactly who you are.

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Tiffany owner of Brewability Lab

Oh, the places we went!

Oh, the beers we drank!

  • Red – Strawberry Blonde from Brewability Lab
  • Orange – Amber from Brewability Lab
  • Green – IPA from Brewability Lab
  • Purple – Cold Brewed Coffee Porter from Brewability Lab

PRO TIP: When possible, please check ahead anywhere you go. Many places are re-opening, but some may not be. Due to the C-word, you need to be prepared for restrictions and closures. Be flexible.

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Want More?

Meet Aaron the beertender, Tiffany the founder, and Tanner the brewer on this informative walk through video at Brewability Lab.

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