How We Earn Our Beers (Exercise While Traveling)

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Travel is about experiencing new things, visiting new places, meeting new people, and for us, drinking new beer. It’s not about exercise. Or is it?

On our travels, we meet a lot of new people. Some we will never see again. Others we will see again often. And we make real effort to do so. That was the case when we first met Jill and August Wheeler. They rolled into the empty site next to us, and as they were unpacking and settling in, their laughter and energizing attitude immediately captured our attention.

Jill-August of FlexFixx in Alabama-Ape-Ken
Meeting Jill and August was like coming back to old friends.

Within moments we realized we all had a common love for craft beer, mountain biking, and travel. And we all knew that if we wanted to continue enjoying all of the above, we had to stay fit, too. These two were well ahead of us with that thought. I suppose that’s why every once in a while, we would find them with White Claws in hand, instead of craft beer, and carrots instead of chips. While we’re still not sure if we can forgive them for their White Claw flaw, they quickly became good friends and people we trust.

Before you judge them too harshly, they love beer as much as we do, along with pizza and fries. But they also love their ability to haul their asses up and down mountain biking trails and are damn good at it. And that is how we know we have found a genuine fitness product that goes along with our love for travel, biking, and beer; through two people who are genuine in their love for the same. Wanting to stay fit while going anywhere, they couldn’t find a workout solution that was strong enough to build strength, yet compact enough to travel with, so they created their own.

Jill working out on FlexFixx while holding beer on a lakeJill working out on FlexFixx while holding beer on a lake
Jill is balancing on the FlexFixx board with beer in hand. This is why we love them!
(Photo courtesy of FlexFixx)

The FlexFixx Portable Gym

Welcome to the FlexFixx Portable Gym, a unique home gym geared towards almost any fitness level from beginner to advanced. Compact enough to travel and store almost anywhere, it’s also versatile and sturdy, providing an incredible workout.

This all-in-one portable gym was created out of necessity for their travel and fitness needs, and they quickly realized that this was a necessity in the fitness market, too. Made in the USA, Jill and August have been involved with the creation of every aspect of the FlexFixx, from its innovative design to creation, to assembly to even starring in many of the exercise how-to videos. You’ll quickly realize that this portable home gym was made out of a genuine interest in creating a flexible fitness option for active travelers.

“We’re stoked for everybody to get the workout that they deserve!”

Jill & August Wheeler, FlexFixx Creators

Ok, so here at Living a Stout Life, we are of course a bit biased towards fitness systems that are compact and easily transportable. We do live in a 24 foot RV. But whatever your living situation is – a sticks and brick stationary home, traveling for work on a plane or in a car, a digital nomad traveling all over the world, a full or part-time RVer or van-lifer – the FlexxFixx will be there for you, so nothing can get in the way of you getting a quality workout.

What does the FlexFixx Portable Home Gym Include?

The FlexFixx comes with everything you need to start using it the second it arrives in the mail, including:

  • durable carrying case with handles
  • three fitness bands at two different lengths each (5, 10, and 20 pounds)
  • base balance board with three different attachment points for the bands
  • cork roller for balance activities
  • stability disk and air pump
  • handgrips, ankle straps, bar attachment, and door anchor for use with the fitness bands
  • complete workout guide
  • access to FlexFixx exercise and how-to videos
FlexFixx equipment
All the things in the FlexFixx Portable Gym
(Photo courtesy of FlexFixx)

I’ll be the first to tell you that all of this can look quite intimidating when pulling it out of the delivery box for the first time. However, once you realize what everything is, it’s quite simple to set up and start your very first exercise. And then the more you use it, you’ll find more ways to play, keeping your exercise sessions fresh and fun!

What workouts can I do?

I really want to answer that question with, “All of them!” And that’s almost true, but not quite. But there are hundreds of varieties of exercises and workout sessions you can perform using the FlexFixx.

The bands are similar to lifting weights, so performing exercises such as shoulder presses, bicep curls, deadlifts, squats, lunges, ab crunches, butterflies, and so much more can all be done using this innovative workout system. Have no idea what any of those words mean or how to do them? Not a problem. Just as you were once a craft beer newbie, through practice, you learned the nuances of beer and all the lingo that goes with it. The same goes for mountain biking. You learned to get on the bike, keep it balanced, and ultimately found yourself flying down a trail. Jill and August were once beginners at biking, beer, and fitness skills, too. They get it, and through their videos and guides, they’ll walk you through lessons with genuine interest in helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they might be.

We’ve only had a few months to use our FlexFixx, and so far we’ve come away with increased motivation to workout, a true appreciation for the portability to take the FlexFixx anywhere, and a few sore muscles from finally utilizing our increased strength to get our asses back on the mountain bikes we love so much.

April working out with FlexFixx next to RAIF
This photo was not staged. I was actually working out. Refer to the intense look on my face!

We usually break our workouts into upper body and lower body sections, but we’ve found that with the ease of changing out the bands and the attachments, it would be very efficient to complete a full-body workout without hassle. Having everything you need right there is so much easier than going to a gym and hoping that the machine you need is available right when you need it to keep your exercise flowing. There’s no need to worry about that when your entire gym is within six feet of you, no matter where you go.

And you get to customize the tools to work best for you. Ken likes the handgrips more, but I like the bar. Ken’s a bit more basic, following traditional exercise programs that he’s known for years. But I love the adaptability of being able to use the board and the stability disk for a great balance and core workout in addition to the strength workout.


“Balance integrated with strength is key for building core muscles, longevity, and keeping your body healthy. So integrating the stability disc or the roller into your workout will up the workout a notch.”

Jill Wheeler, FlexFixx Co-creator

There’s no reason to get bored while working out with the FlexFixx because there are so many ways to use it. Need a change of scenery? Take it to the lake. Need increased strength? Add another band. Need help with new exercises? Check out the FlexFixx YouTube Channel for a myriad of ideas.

The FlexFixx Community

Jill and August are strong believers that good health is the key to longevity. Friends and community also play a role in good health. Through FlexFixx, not only are they promoting good health to all, they are creating a community of like-minded people who want to live their best lives possible.

So Many Ways to Join

Why should you trust us and FlexFixx?

With so many bogus products on the market, it’s hard to tell who and what to trust. All we can say is this. We wouldn’t recommend something we don’t believe in. Jill and August are our friends, but if they made some crappy fitness tool, we wouldn’t be endorsing it. Not Cool!

Yes, Jill and August will be making money from the FlexFixx, at least we hope so. It’s a great product and needs to be on the market. Ian Beard from Stone’s Throw Brewing stated on a Stout Conversation, “You don’t open a brewery to make beer, you open a brewery to sell beer.” You also don’t create a business to make things, you create a business to sell things. No matter what you’re selling, beer, bikes, or fitness equipment, you better believe in the product.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes in what they have created, but Jill and August do. And we trust them. Their credibility is strong with us. So, we believe in the quality and purpose of FlexFixx. And we hope our credibility is strong with you.

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Want More?

Van-Lifin’, Mountain Bikin’, Beer Drinkin’ Idahoans in the House!

Get to know Jill and August, the creators of the FlexFixx Portable Gym. You’ll laugh, learn, and completely understand why we trust them. We’re pretty certain you’ll trust them, too!

August and Jill Wheeler - back of Van

How to Stay Fit on a Diet of Craft Beer and Travel

While we think the FlexFixx is a great tool to have in your fitness toolbox, you can’t do everything for fitness with that. I’d love to see you try to ride it like a bike. It won’t work. So, we’ve got additional ways of having fun and staying fit, while still enjoying craft beer and things like pizza and French fries.

April on bike in Helena drinking water

Join Jill and August at Camp Carpe Diem

Speaking of community and fitness and beer and biking, Jill and August will be one of the camp counselors at Camp Carpe Diem this fall in Ouray, Colorado. You’ll get to ride with them, drink with them, and work out with them. Click here to learn more and register now.


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