Meet the Hooch Booch Yoga Chick

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We’ve always said that beer isn’t just about the beer; it’s about the people. This mantra holds true when it’s really not about the beer, but hard kombucha instead. To be exact, Hooch Booch Kombucha. And the tough as nails yoga chick that created it.

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Hooch Booch Kombucha

We first met Anna Zesbaugh, the founder of Hooch Booch, during a canning day at Woods Boss Brewing Company in Denver. We just assumed she was just another volunteer seeking out some fresh-off-the-canning-line beers in exchange for some free labor. Doing what we normally do when we volunteer to help on the canning line – besides drinking beer – we started a conversation with Anna, expecting a story similar to ours – we love beer, so we help can it.

Turns out, Anna was there doing some serious research. Furloughed during the pandemic, like so many others, she began wondering what she should do. Get back into events planning or create an event of a lifetime for herself? Thankfully, for hard kombucha lovers, she chose the latter.

Meet Anna Zesbaugh

This is her story of starting a business from scratch while still remaining true to her yoga and travel lover self. We talk about the story behind Hooch Booch, but we also talk about how she decided to start a business during a pandemic and how she funded it. We can never get enough talk about travel, and with Anna hightailing it to Alaska for a yoga retreat, you know there’s conversations centering around that, as well.

Anna, like so many of our guests, will inspire you to think about creating purpose and happiness in your life, all while enjoying some good craft beer…um, I mean craft hard kombucha! Whatever it is you’re drinking, Anna will make you smile, of course, but she will also make you feel like it’s time to get off your ass and create a life that you love, no matter how much work it takes.

“Dare to go harder!”

Anna Zesbaugh, Hooch Booch Founder
Anna Ken April on Zoom Call

Where to find Hooch Booch

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Oh, the places we went.

Want More?

Canning Day Shenanigans at Woods Boss

Canning beer (or kombucha) doesn’t have to be boring, especially when we’re involved. Check out this video for a taste of what our canning day is like. And if you ever get a chance to volunteer for this, do it.

Learn more about Chicha and Pulque from Dos Luces Brewery

We mentioned Dos Luces while chatting with Anna. It’s a unique brewery. Learn more here, and the next time you’re in Denver, pay Judd a visit for a beer experience like no other.

Looking for New Adventures? Check out Camp Carpe Diem

The pandemic has us all thinking a bit differently. Ready to turn those thoughts into action and meet new people and try new adventures? Sign up for Camp Carpe Diem today where you’ll meet people that will become a part of your tribe, travel buddies and true friends – on the road and off.


Be a Boss at Woods Boss Brewing

Anna has teamed up with Woods Boss Brewing for Hooch Booch Hard Kombucha. One of the reasons she did this, is because it’s a very cool place. And the people there are awesome! Listen in on this podcast, completed after another canning day. During the podcast, a truck crashes into power lines. Canning days many not always be this interesting, but during 2020 they sure seem to be.

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“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”



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Shout Outs:

To Anna! Your attitude and smile are infectious! In times like today, those are the types of infections we really need. It was so great chatting with you about all the things. We learned a lot about kombucha, yoga, and Alaska. The interesting array of topics we get from our guests is one of the best things about being a podcaster. Can’t wait to meet you on the canning line again, drinking your kombucha straight off the canning line! Until then, cheers, and may your Hooch Booch fly off the shelves!


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