Life after Hiking the Colorado Trail

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Meeting up again with Jesse and Janae in Denver after they finished hiking the 485 miles of the Colorado Trail was bittersweet. Trying to find their normal after a full time job of hiking for months is not easy. The culture shock that comes with resuming life back in traffic, back in a city, and the thought of having to go back to work can be a bit overwhelming. 

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The end of the road

This time we met with them in Denver at Declaration Brewing. It was a beautiful blue sky Colorado day, so the patio was really the only option. Enjoying music and flights of beer on a sun-soaked patio made for great conversation. Not quite sure yet what normal looks like, this interview was both inspiring and bittersweet. Inspiring because of what they had accomplished. Bittersweet because all good things come to an end.

Jesse and Janae Part Two Hiking Stout lIfe Colorado Trail
Declaration Brewing in Denver

We’ve all become pretty good friends, so while we didn’t interview them after this, we did end up in their driveway for a week in Missoula, where they are living a normal for them life. But, really, what is normal?

Oh, the places we went!

Declaration Brewing – Denver

Missoula, Montana:


The Colorado Trail is a recreational narrow path from Denver to Durango, passing through six national forests, six wilderness areas, five major river systems and eight mountain ranges.

The Colorado Trail Foundation offers a great deal of resources on hiking this epic trail.


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Shout Outs:

  • Owen X Pishna and Kumquat Asterson, two talented brothers, for creating the show’s theme music
  • A Fearless Venture for assisting Ken with the stunning logo design
  • Jesse for his stunning imagery while on the trail
What a view!


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