Little Machine Beer – Stout Life Approved

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Little Machine Beer Stout Life Approved

Tucked away in a small Denver neighborhood just north of Broncos Stadium at Mile High, where the Broncos reign king, Little Machine Beer took over the throne when it moved into the historic Jefferson Park neighborhood in 2015. Catering to anyone that walks in their doors, whether that be a lager lover or a stout connoisseur, this brewery does not disappoint.

With so many breweries in Denver and its surrounding ‘burbs, why take the time to head to this little 10-barrel brewery in the shadow of Mile High?

Because their beer is good. Not only that, but the brewery, with its circular bar, two patios, comfy couches, and friendly beertenders offers a feeing of walking into your favorite neighborhood bar. You know, the one where everybody knows your name.

Little Machine Beer Stout Life Approved

Going along with that theme is the simplicity of Little Machine. We like to think that craft beer has a complexity to it that makes each brew unique, when in all actuality it boils down to four simple ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. So, just like a neighborhood bar, starting up a simple conversation and connecting with your neighbors is like a little machine. All it takes is sharing a beer together to get those gears moving.

Cheers! Here’s to loving the simple things in life.

Listed below are just a few of the well-oiled machines we sampled here.

Little Machine Beer – Stout Life Approved

Little Machine Beer Stout Life Approved
  • That’s My Yam (Sweet Potato Stout) 5.6%  Sweet potatoes and beer? What? Oh yeah! Tastes like a piece of autumn with the perfect amount of spices to keep you wanting it year-round!
  • B.B. Rodriguez Coffee (Double Brown) 8.3% This is not your normal brown; this is an intense beer of a beautiful bounty of caramel, coffee, and walnut, toasted to perfection.
  • Supercharger (Double IPA) 10.6% This full-bodied IPA definitely owns its citrus taste, and with a hint of pine, creates a no-frills, well-balanced hoppy beer.

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