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We’ve been full time RV’ers now for just over 10 months, traveling and building our business, Living a Stout Life, where we are working hard at building a craft beer community around a craft beer lifestyle and craft beer stories.

We were interviewed for this podcast!
Click this link or the one below to listen to our story.

RV Travel Life

Really, we have just been living our lives like everyone else: waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, working, watching a movie, arguing about bills, figuring out what to make for dinner, shopping, you know, the regular everyday spiel.

Ok, yes, there are differences when you live in an RV, with the biggest one being we can change our office view whenever we desire, and we do so often. From mountains to swamps to forests to cities to oceans, in our mere 10 months, we have learned to fully embrace the travel part of full time RV living.

Kenny and April on the beach excited and happy
We love to discover new office views.

And while doing so, we have time on our hands on travel days, or at least I do. Finding myself in the driver’s seat while Kenny works on his “day” job (Yeah, we aren’t making money yet on Living a Stout Life, but we’re getting there. We even wrote a recipe for getting there. Check it out here.), I get to entertain myself. And while watching the country fly by and the wind in my hair is actually quite relaxing, it can also be quite mesmerizing, and that, on the open road, is not good.

My Podcast List

So, podcasts became my best friends on travel days. They are educational, comedic, informative, and inspirational. What are my go to Podcasts, you ask?

We Launched Our Own Podcast!

The Craft Beer Travel & Adventure podcast is where we sit down with creative thinkers, adventurers, and all-around good people to inspire you to take action to craft your best life, or as we’d like to call it, your Stout Life.

Finding inspiration from the above podcasts – and having everyone tell us, “You HAVE to start a podcast!” – we finally took the leap and did just that, launching the Craft Beer Travel & Adventure podcast across all the major podcasting platforms. You can find it almost anywhere, but our Podcast page is a great jumping off point!

Living A Stout Life on Camping World’s Podcast

Knowing that we are fans of Stories from the Road, can you imagine our excitement when we were asked to be on the podcast? Us? Kenny and April? Living a Stout Life? Are you kidding me?

And what exactly is a stout life? Find out more by listening to our story. We hope, in the end, even if you don’t like craft beer (blasphemy), we inspire you to live your stout life.

It is an honor to be a part of the RV families that have inspired us, and we only hope that we can now inspire you, too.

April on beach next to Living a Stout Life written in the sand
What’s your definition of a stout life?
Let us know by commenting below.

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Thank you, Sam, Camping World, and Stories from the Road. This was fun. Please check out the other Stories from the Road by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed.

Click here for the original post and podcast on Living a Stout Life from Camping World and Stories from the Road.


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