Make a Living While Traveling: Step One, Find Your Tribe

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Ken and April Pishna at the RVE Summit 2018 - Learning to Make a Living while Traveling We arrived at the RV Entrepreneur Summit, a conference meant to share ideas on how to make a living while traveling, with adventurous thoughts and wheels ready to hit the road, but  we never want to leave.  Although that is a bit counter-intuitive to this year’s slogan of Never Stand Still.  And while we never want to leave, we can’t wait to get moving.

The stories, the people, the dogs, the kids, the rain, the mud, the beer, the food, the RV’s. (Wow! The RV’s!) Did I mention the people?!

Meet a few members of our tribe:

Pete and Jordan, testing the waters (actually the snow) in Breckenridge for two months in the winter, frozen pipes and all, five times!  And still lovin’ the RV life!

Paul and Nancy, a couple that has only been together for five years, but say it has been 27 because that’s how long they should have been together, and now they are finally living.

Christy and Kelsey, a mother and a daughter on the road with their family. Kelsey growing up on the road and now creating a thriving podcast and editing business. Christy, not just a mom, but a mom taking risks and raising her kids outside of society’s norms.

Enchanted Ninjas April Pishna and Kathryn Cockrell - RVE Summit 2018 - Enchanted RockKathryn, started her own business at the young age of 15 and also a Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree Black Belt, taking charge in her own self-defense class, giving confidence and smiles to all that surrounded her.

Sarah, on her own, renting an RV, stuck in the mud, which is everywhere.  And if that’s not enough, battery and heater giving her more grief overnight.

Lindsay, a previous kindergarten teacher, and Dan, an already avid traveler, leaving a life they loved to create one they love even more, and then leading a presentation all about creating a business to make a living while traveling, building more life passions.

Drew, an author and seasoned (to us, at least, being on the road for over a year) RV’er joining a self-defense class full of women and a few men, hooking his fifth wheel up to his truck, unhooking electricity, water, etc. all in the pouring rain and in the mud, just to share his space with a late-comer.

Jeff, a software developer, and Marcia, a previous high school English teacher, sharing their space with us, jumping out of their warm, cozy RV, offering their adaptors and splitters so that we can have full hook-ups in RAIF.  Driving us around, our own personal chauffeurs, not just getting a lit bit out of their comfort zone, but bursting all the way through.

Charlie, a dog on wheels, on his own adventures with his partners, teaching other dogs how to behave on the road while bringing their humans with them, even when the wind blew apart their tent.

RVE Summit 2018 Attendees Group Photo courtesy of Joe Hendricks
Our Tribe (courtesy of @JoeHendricks)

Ken, a website editor, and April, a future previous teacher, current entrepreneurs, and soon to be on the road full time, heating up RAIF’s ceiling with a tiny electrical heater, hoping that the roof doesn’t cave in from all the rain.  Wondering where that leak came from, and that leak over there, and wait, was that another one? Ken and April, parents of two grown boys, now living (soon) in a space tinier than our bedroom, but a space that can take us anywhere and keep us warm and dry (for the most part).  A space that allows us to get to know this wonderful new world of possibilities. A space that gives us more space than we have ever had before.

So, in spite of, and maybe because of, frozen pipes, sore muscles, stuck tires, leaky roofs, crazy wind, and mud rivers, we are here, forging new relationships, building bridges, learning new lingo, and creating businesses to make a living while traveling. And we are not leaving! We found our tribe.


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Barry Benton
6 years ago

Awesome event! Great meeting you two. Hope our paths cross again sometime soon. I forgot to mention that our son’s roommate’s dad at CSU was the brewmaster at New Belgium. I think he left NB recently to start his own brewery. I’ll try to find out the name and send it on to you.

Ken Pishna
6 years ago
Reply to  Barry Benton

It was great meeting you and your wife as well. Please keep us posted as to your progress on hitting the road. Perhaps we can meet up somewhere.

And I remember reading about New Belgium’s brewmaster leaving. Just did a quick look and the guy’s name is Peter Bouckaert and he started a new brewery in Ft. Collins, I believe. It sounds like it is something a little outside of the norm, but then again, a lot of what New Belgium has spearheaded is too. They were one of the larger craft brewers to jump into sour beers and the like. Excellent brewery. I’m sure Bouckaert’s new project is something special too. Will have to check it out.