The RV Search (aka Finding RAIF)

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VIDEO – We’re Ken and April Pishna, and this is your intro to us as we went on our initial RV search, which culminated in finding RAIF and launching Living a Stout Life!

When we started scoping out our first RV, so that we could start planning our transition from our traditional home to full-time RV living and a nomadic life of travel, we looked at several different RVs. Our RV search included everything: new, used, and damn near falling apart vehicles, but eventually led us to our 24-foot 2003 Gulfstream BTouring Cruiser… RAIF!

Ken & April Pishna - Vine Street - Feb 11 2108

We kind of went a little House Hunter-esque, shooting a few videos and hashing out what we really wanted from our first RV as we searched. Then, as often happens, we sat down at a very cool little brewery in Erie, Colorado – Industrial Revolution – and hashed it out some more. We eventually narrowed it down, returned for a second visit, and selected RAIF; never looking back!

April wrote a post about our search as well. Her post has a bit more pertinent information to help if you’re on your own RV search, but more importantly, it culminates in explaining how we came up with the name RAIF for our RV. It’s actually a cool little story that really means a lot to us because it allows us to bring a little bit of the character of our RV’s previous owner along for our journey.

This video may not give you an abundance of intelligent information to help you along with your own RV search, but hopefully it gives you a glimpse into us, as we launch Living a Stout Life.



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