RAIF is NOT a Jeep!

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled…And it HURT, man!

  • That first road less traveled probably cracked our holding tanks…now fixed.
  • That second road less traveled had grabby rocks that yanked off the black tank drain valve… now mostly fixed. (The video is quite entertaining.)
  • That third road less traveled (Man, we don’t learn, do we?) was the charm (third times a charm)…lessons learned, rules set for future roads less traveled.

While we do love our off the beaten path places, especially in Colorado, we have figured out the we love our little home on wheels more.

From that, we have decided to never take roads less traveled again. Are you kidding me?

Take the back country roads vs the main ones, the open access gates vs the groomed runs, the little narrow trail off to the left vs the wide open one to the right. You get the picture.

Yes, those roads less traveled might hurt, but in the end, they are usually worth every bump, bruise, cuss word, tear, and doubt. Just learn how to do it without breaking bones, or in our case, holding tanks.

So, in conclusion, take the road less traveled – just do it in a Jeep or a Subaru, or on a mountain bike, or on your feet. Use the proper tools to get you where you want to go, and life will always be an adventure, even when it hurts, man!

Remember, RAIF is not a Jeep!


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