Random Writings #10 – Happy Distractions

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SmokeyWe’ve been parked in our brother’s backyard for almost two weeks now with plans of getting a lot of work done, including our business and getting RAIF ready for the Colorado cold. While it has been mostly productive, there has also been many happy distractions.

From visits from family and meeting other RV’ers, to paddle boarding and kayaking, walks on the beach, brewing beer, breweries and coffee shops to visit, and even the occasional visiting cats, there were plenty of things to keep us away from our computers.

Beach and Beer Happy Distractions

We are parked about 20 minutes from the Gulf, so the waves were calling us from day one. My dad came to visit us while we here; we had to play. It was only a short drive to Pensacola to wander the beach and we were so close, we had to stop at Joe Patti’s Seafood for some fresh fish, shrimp, and crawdads.  Man, that was a feast for the senses.

Pine Beach Trail

Being the avid beer folks that we are, and finally parked in one spot for more than a week, we had to try our hand at brewing in the RV for the first time.  Wait, that actually kind of has something to do with work. Regardless, it was fun, and it had to be done.  Full video on that distraction coming soon.

With miles and miles of white sand shoreline, we enjoyed a few hikes and a few hours of paddle boarding and kayaking, catching glimpses of jellyfish and even skates (related to the stingray family). Seashells had to be examined and waves had to be studied.  The sun had to be soaked up, and if we didn’t do it, who would?

Friends, Family, and Beer Happy Distractions

And while wasting time (I mean, promoting our business) on social media, we realized how many other full-time RV’ers were hanging around these parts, and being the kind people that we are, we had to meet them all.  Bike trails had to be explored and everyone knows that after a bike ride, you must visit a brewery.  While drinking an appropriately named, Snowbirds Stout at Big Beach Brewing, we made more plans to keep us happily distracted from work.


Then there’s Thanksgiving, so we had to cook and eat and drink and not work that day.  After all, an Alabama Thanksgiving with family and ribs and shrimp is not something you ignore.  Those shrimp are not gonna cut off their own heads.

Finally, time to get down to business, coffee on the desk, computer open and waiting for some magic to happen.  The brain is on and the gears are turning…Squirrell!  In my case, Smokey, the kitty cat.  As he cautiously peeks into the RV, sniffing everything, I have to watch him…he’s so cute and fluffy and soft.

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