Random Writings #2 – What Will You Choose?

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http://www.offassignment.com/articles/kimberley-lovatoSitting in a mechanic’s shop in Omaha, Nebraska watching A Fault in Our Stars.  Just that statement should be enough to explain what is about to follow.

This life is all we got, so it is up to you to decide what kind of life you are going to have.  What will you choose? Are you going to be pissy and grumpy and mad at the world for handing you a bad deck of cards, or you going to take every moment you have to celebrate the little time we get? The family including crazy uncles and glamorous cousins, the flowers in the rain and the sun, the time spent in the wilds of Mother Nature or sitting in a shop waiting for bad news on your vehicle.  

I could keep going on with all types of examples from not too bad to downright awful and disheartening, but in the end, none of it matters. What matters are the moments you have when you have them.

So, spread the love, smile, laugh, and when you get crappy news whether really crappy or REALLY crappy, stomp your feet, scream, and let the tears flow, but only for a moment, cuz that’s all you got time for, because that crappy moment can rule your life or YOU can rule your life.

How appropriate, too, that while perusing my email in this stark customer waiting room, that I come across one of my subscriptions from a newsletter entitled Off Assignment – Letter To a Stranger, that touches upon these random thoughts of mine. 

“And because of you, I closed my eyes, clasped my hands together, and thanked whomever was listening for the gift of tomorrow that turned into today.” (Kimberley Lovato)

It is your choice. What will you choose?


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5 years ago

Are you two still in Omaha? If so, do you need a place to stay? Keith and I would love to see you! – Jayme