Soulcraft Brewing: a Way of Life in Salida, Colorado

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Soulcraft Brewing. For those that know Salida, you know Soulcraft. For those that don’t, it’s time you do. Salida, Colorado. A Colorado mountain town that has it all: rafting, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and one of the best craft beers scenes in a town of 7,000 people.

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Meet Mike LaCroix, owner of Soulcraft Brewing

Those formative years spent in middle school have a lot to say. Meet Mike LaCroix, who listened to his middle school self, knowing from a young age that he wanted to be a brewer. It’s no surprise then, that the name of his brewery was also inspired by his teen years of listening to hardcore and punk.

Initially starting his brewing career in the long gone Silver Plume Brewery, moving on to a long career as head brewer at Amica’s in Salida, he recognized a need for more beer. Voila! Soulcraft Brewing was crafted. Being one of the OG’s on the craft beer scene in Salida, Mike has made a name for himself both in the craft beer industry and in his now hometown of Salida, Colorado.

Mike and Ken and podcast equipment at Soulcraft Salida Colorado copy
Mike from Soulcraft and Ken hard at work – can’t you tell?

This is Salida’s craft beer story, too.

This is Salida’s craft beer story as much as it is his own. We chat everything from obnoxious beers to obnoxious deers (yes, I know, deer, but come on – the rhyming must be done), to collections of stale beer in trash bags as inspiration to follow your dreams, to culinary school to military service to housing crunches to damn good beer and the simplicity that it all really boils down to.

“It would all be ok, it’s just pizza and beer – we believe in simple things done well.”

Mike LaCroix, Owner, Soulcraft Brewing

Oh, the Soulcraft beers we drank!

All from Soulcraft! All fantastic!

  • Bon-Ton Brown
  • Moon Itcher Helles
  • Sticky Pils
  • Centi-Mental IPA
  • Coconut Milk Stout

The OG Brewer of Salida

44;29Oh, the Soulcraft Beers We Drank!

We’ve pretty much had all the beers at Soulcraft. These are just a sampling. Whatever you choose here is going to be great!

Stay Connected with Soulcraft

Soulcraft Brewing
248 W. Rainbow Blvd.
Salida, CO


We’ll see you soon!

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Want More?

Tres Litros Beer Company is Just Down the Road

Want to learn more about Salida? And more beer talk? Head on over to Tres Litros in downtown Salida.

Brewers Rendezvous Beerfest in Salida

The breweries in Salida are all awesome. And Brewers Rendezvous is an awesome beer festival. Follow your hearts to Salida!

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“We appreciate you highlighting our brewery on your podcast, your enthusiasm for craft breweries, travel and adventure and the patronage of not only you, but the friends you bring into Tres Litros.”

Jason at Tres Litros Beer Co

“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”

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Shout Outs:

Mike, it took us way too long to get you and Soulcraft on our podcast, but we’re glad we finally made it happen. You are a fantastic storyteller, and we loved every minute of our conversation, and of course, the beer. Soulcraft is most definitely good for our souls. We can’t wait to be back for more beer, more conversation, and more of the town we love.


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