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Join us this week for Part Two as we continue our conversation with Tim from Strange Craft Beer Company in Denver, Colorado, where he enlightens us with tales of Strange Brews, a yeast baby, three hour tours, and more. Careful, these tales may make you think brewing is a glamorous life!

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

0:56 Strange Breakfast
The Breakfast Grapefruit IPA – Tim jokingly claims Ballast Point stole his idea to create Grapefruit Sculpin.

2:31 The Cherry Brewery
The Cherry Kriek – This is why Strange is the Cherry Brewery. It’s a Belgian Blonde with a shit-ton of cherries.

3:24 Watermelon Hefeweizen
All hands on deck when this is made. Over 600 pounds of watermelon are hand cut for this tasty seasonal beverage.

4:34 The Farmhouse and the Yeast
Started as one of Tim’s first home-brews, this yeast strain deserves special treatment. Tim describes his creative homebrew ways to keep this baby at the proper temperature (wrapped up like a baby that is). He also mentions that White Labs is a great place to visit to understand how different strands of yeast can change the flavor of a beer. But where does the yeast come from?

11:22 The Three Hour Tour
Tim enlightens us with his story of a personal tour and tastings with Peter Bouckaert, the former New Belgium brewmaster, that turned into a lesson as to why you don’t cheers with an empty glass.

13:50 Beyond the Taproom – The Glamorous Life
Going from one barrel to ten barrels is a common brewery business plan.  Tim discusses the “glamorous” life of brewing, which really translates to cleaning

16:55 Beyond the Taproom – One Barrel Wednesdays
This offers a great way to try creative recipes in the taproom. Plus, it’s a lot easier to dump a barrel of a radish saison than 10 barrels.  Not every recipe works out the way you’d hope.

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Tyler, beeldender at Strange Craft Beer Company in Denver holding a tray of beers

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