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Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2021

2021 was yet another unique and strange year for craft beer travelers, but we made the best of it. Here’s our top 5 breweries, MTB trails, camping spots & more for 2021.

Brian Vance Catalina Brewing Co Tucson AZ copy

We Bike, We Brew: Tucson’s Handcrafted Bike Fuel at Catalina Brewing Co

Catalina Brewing Company in Tucson is a brewery, but more than that, they are a community. Join us as we talk with Brian Vance, Managing Partner, for this fun conversation about the joys and trials and tribulations of a brewery, while working a day job, raising a family and trying to find time for those epic bike rides. And in Tucson, there are plenty of those.

Ken and April biking in Trent South Dakota

Craft Beer Travelers Top 5 of 2020

As I was compiling all of our data for 2020, I found myself bitching about all the money we spent eating out, drinking beer, maintaining our mountain bikes and traveling. But the truth is, this is what we love to do. So, why would we stop? Here are our top 5 lists for things beer, biking and travel related. We hope you find this list entertaining, informative and helpful when planning your 2021 craft beer lifestyle.

Monika Sammie TJ family at Copper Brothel Brewery

Grandpa and Brothels: Lessons on Family, History and Craft Beer

Always listen to Grandpa…and the women! The lessons learned will be valuable, yes, but the humor, that’s everything. The family at Copper Brothel Brewery will make you appreciate family, history, and brothels, all with a sense of humor that is quite often missing in today’s world.

Kenny bike ride in Austin Texas

Free Camping, Beer, and Biking: Harvest Hosts Breweries in the Southwest

This Southwest Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer, and Biking Guide is one of several regional guides giving you instant access to mountain biking trails that match up with free camping at breweries nationwide. The open road, the adventurous trails, a freshly brewed beer, handcrafted pizza, conversations and laughter under the stars. This is what we live for, camping, beer, and biking.

Craft beer cards at Copper Brothel Brewery in Sonoita Arizona

The Copper Brothel Brewery Family

If you want a girl, order her! She’ll come as a pint of beer, but you’ll get exactly what you ordered. And this is why, at Copper Brothel Brewery, names are everything. Getting a little cheeky, but not too cheeky (pun intended)

Ken and April at Yuma Arizona Sunset on the Ranch Dinner

Yuma, Arizona: Sunset on the Ranch Dinners

Just like craft beer and good food, Yuma, Arizona, and sunset dinners pair well together. And they do so even better on a ranch. Enjoy this farm to table dinner setting paired with craft beer while learning about Yuma’s agricultural passion.