Free Camping, Beer, and Biking: Harvest Hosts Breweries in the Southwest

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The open road, the adventurous trails, a freshly brewed beer, handcrafted pizza, conversations and laughter under the stars. This is what we live for, camping, beer, and biking. And is there really anything better than camping, beer, and biking, at a Harvest Hosts brewery?


This Southwest Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer and Biking Guide is one of several regional guides giving you instant access to mountain biking trails that match up with free camping at breweries nationwide.

In this guide for each specific area you will find:

  • Harvest Hosts (HH) Brewery
  • Mountain Biking Trails near the HH Brewery
  • Additional Trails and Breweries in the Surrounding Area
  • Suggested Routes to Best the Enjoy the Trails and Breweries

MTB Project reports that the U.S. has over 144,000 miles of trails on over 44,000 trails. Combine those stats with over 9000 craft breweries and over 100 of those breweries offering FREE camping through a Harvest Hosts membership? Dude, your beer and biking vacation just became a complete no-brainer.

Kenny beer sign in Austin

What is this Harvest Hosts thing?

Harvest Hosts is a membership for RVers (or van-lifers) that provides FREE RV camping at over 1000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other unique locations. You don’t have to be full-timers to use Harvest Hosts; you simply need to be self-contained in your RV (or van or truck camper), meaning you don’t require or expect the host site to provide you with any RV necessities like water, power or sewage. 

We’ve used Harvest Hosts at numerous different locations. It is one of our favorite traveling memberships. Breweries are, of course our favorites, but we’ve used our membership at orchards, vineyards, museums, alpaca farms, and a variety of other places.

Why Harvest Hosts?

Why not? OK, so yeah, we do get affiliate income from Harvest Hosts if you sign up through our link. You get a benefit from this, as well. If you use our Harvest Hosts link, you get 15% OFF the regular price.

We’ll do the research; you do the riding and drinking.

Picture this. The RV is packed. The beer fridge is full. The mountain bikes are tuned and raring to go. You’re ready for an adventure. But that RV needs to find a place to camp. The beer fridge will be empty sooner than you think and those bikes are itching to get some mud on them…NOW!

Kenny riding in Austin Texas
Kenny riding the city trails in Austin

If you have been anything like us, you know it takes time to plan. We pull out both our smartphones ladened with all the top notch apps dedicated to beer, biking, and camping. Two hours later, research done, we are ready to go. Two hours? That’s time that could’ve been spent on the trail leading into time drinking that well earned beer.

Camping, Breweries, Trails: all in one place

So, we have done the work for you by putting together a listing of all the trails that match up with local craft breweries that match up with free camping (Harvest Host breweries) – all separated by regions of the country. Did you know we also have a Craft Beer Travel and Adventure Journal matched up by regions of the country, as well? What a beautiful way to track your beer and biking adventures. Click here to check out the Journal.

We sought out the Harvest Hosts craft brewery locations that have mountain biking and craft breweries within a 50 mile radius. Now that’s a beer and biking vacation.

beer at brash brewing in Houston Texas
Brash Brewing in Houston, Texas

Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping,
Beer, and Biking Guide


Harvest Hosts Brewery – Tucson

MotoSonora Brewing Company

Located in the heart of Tucson, this is the perfect place to spend the night, grab a damn fine beer, and some handcrafted food from their onsite food truck (all vegan and all good). With it’s overlanding and travel theme, it’s a perfect fit for Harvest Hosts. Use caution, though. This is a great spot to explore Tucson, but you may not want to leave the brewery. Plus, it may be located in a desert, but there’s still plenty of biking trails nearby.

Mountain Biking Tucson

We fondly call this area of mountain biking desert biking, but it’s legit biking, so grab your comb. It’s a great tool to get out the spikes when you inevitably fall into or brush against a cactus. And get riding.

Mountain Biking Tucson

  • Catalina State Park
  • Oro Valley
  • Tucson Mountain Park
  • Sweetwater Preserve

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Kingman

Mike’s Route 66 Outpost & Saloon

Located just over 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas, at mile marker 72, Mike’s Route 66 Outpost & Saloon in Kingman, Arizona, is a must stop Wild West saloon on Route 66! Come in and sign the wall or leave your mark on the ceiling. They offer beer, wine, food and meat raffles! We have not been here…yet. Any Wild West saloon that has a meat raffle deserves a visit. Small town dive bars are the place to be, craft beer or not. You can always drink whiskey!

Speaking of whiskey, one of the best distilleries in the nation is also in Kingman. And they’re a Harvest Hosts! Be sure to pay a visit to Desert Diamond Distillery before you leave. You won’t regret it.

Mountain Biking Kingman Area

We have done a fair amount of mountain biking in Arizona: Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and more, but haven’t had a chance yet to visit Kingman. With only one main trail system nearby, I would still say it’s worth a visit. After all, it is a Route 66 biker bar, and it is still mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Kingman Area

  • Monolith Gardens
Kingman arizona mountain biking map
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Kingman and surrounding areas.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

With two other Harvest Hosts in the area, including a winery and a distillery, along with two other craft breweries in Kingman alone, you could spend days here and become an expert on all the trails. But Lake Havasu City, with more biking trails and even more breweries is only an hour south of Kingman, so there’s more to explore than meets the eye, here.

Kingman area map of breweries
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

If you have the time you might want to make your route go through Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott. Then head north towards towards Mike’s Outpost and Saloon for many nightcaps and camping. The next day, hit the trails around Kingman and a few more breweries. Head on over to Desert Diamond Distillery for a nightcap (another Harvest Hosts) and an overnight. Then make the drive south to Lake Havasu City for a few more trails and a few more breweries. I would say you’ve done some good riding and beer drinking! A job well done and beers well deserved.

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Harvest Hosts Brewery – Wanette

Soggy Bottom Trails and Pub

Around 50 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, located on the river with camping spaces aplenty through Harvests Hosts and their own campground, this pub has a plan, “Drink all the beer.” I have no idea what kind of beer or wine or food they have, but with mud races, ATV trails, live music, and camping…bring it on! I’m in!

Mountain Biking Wanette and OKC Area

There are three major mountain biking areas all within 50 miles from small town Wanette, Oklahoma. We have passed through Oklahoma City a few times in search of breweries, but never did we imagine there were so many trails so nearby. That combined with camping at an ATV and mud pub, I know where we’re going next time we go through Oklahoma.

Mountain Biking Wanette and OKC Area

  • Lake Stanley Draper Mountain Bike Park
  • Lake Thunderbird State Park
  • Elks Lodge
Wanette Oklahoma map of mountain biking
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the OKC, Wanette and surrounding areas.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

With Oklahoma City around 50’ish miles from your Harvest Hosts brewery, it’s worth a trip to OKC. Yes, there’s Prairie Artisan Ales, but one of our favorites is a family owned brewery near downtown OKC called Twisted Spike. Great beer, great people, and we will drive out of our way every time to stop by this place. Norman, Oklahoma looks like it needs some attention from some beer loving peeps, too. With 126,000 people and at least four craft breweries – yeah – this would be a town to pay attention to.

As for some additional biking trails, there’s St. Crispin’s Conference Center and Camp with over 8 miles of mountain biking and Jeep trails. Only 50 miles from Wanette, it could be something worthwhile.

Wanette OKC brewery map
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

I know that Bentonville, Arkansas is still around four hours east of this area, but dude, come on, it’s Bentonville. And yep, there’s a Harvest Hosts brewery nearby, Saddlebock, so my suggested route is: after spending days in Arkansas, make the trek west towards OKC. Hit up a few breweries, find another Harvest Hosts winery or farm to stay (there are some nearby), have a nightcap, sleep tight. Then head towards Lake Stanley and/or Lake Thunderbird for some serious riding. Hit up Norman for some after riding beers, and then head on down to Wanette for some party time with some ATV friends. Crash there and if your body can handle more biking, check out the Elks Lodge trails. I’m drooling for some Oklahoma fun.

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Harvest Hosts Brewery – Spring/Houston

Fortress Beerworks

Located just north of Houston, and born from a mother’s love of brewing beer, Fortress Beerworks offers a variety of craft brews, live music, and food trucks.

Mountain Biking Spring/Houston Area

With Houston only 30 minutes south of Spring, you’d think there may not be many mountain biking trails around here. Think again. We haven’t had a chance yet to ride on these, but there seems to be enough to keep you busy for a few days.

Mountain Biking Spring/Houston Area

  • Spring Creek Greenway
  • Timberline
  • Cypress Wood
  • Cypress Creek
  • Memorial Park
Spring Houston map of mountain biking
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Spring and Houston areas.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

With Oyster Creek, Cullinan Park, Brazos River Trails, and more just south of Houston and over 50 breweries, again, days can be spent here, if you can handle the traffic. A few of our favorite breweries in the greater Houston area are – Stout Life Approved – Brash Brewing, City Acre Brewing, and Back Pew Brewing. Let us know what you find there!

Houston map of breweries
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

You may have to find a fancy RV park, or hotel room, or a place to stealth camp (don’t tell anyone) here to have any chance to check out all the breweries. So with that I suggest you spend a few days exploring the Houston area, with a few side trips for some biking to earn all the beer you are about to drink. Before heading north to your Harvest Hosts brewery, make a stop at Memorial Park to ride some trails, then head to Spring, Texas for some brews, live music, a free place to crash for the night, and one last mountain biking hurrah around Spring.

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Copperas Cove

Camp Caylor’s Space Between Wine and Beer Yard

Located about 75 miles north of Austin, Camp Caylor’s Space Between Wine and Beer Yard is a camp made for adults. Sit by the fire, roast s’mores, and play games while enjoying a cool glass of beer or refreshing glass of wine. Stop by Snuffy’s Tacos for some awesome tacos or eat some bar food inside. Feeling crafty? Head on over to camp crafts to get your art on. This place has everything.

Mountain Biking Copperas Cove Area

Many of these trails appear to be fairly mild trails, you know those green ones. But if you’re looking for some diversity in your trails – you know, the blues and blacks, your best bet might be to head 30 miles west of Copperas Cove to Stillhouse Hollow Lake and Dana Peak Park.

Mountain Biking Copperas Cove Area

  • Ogletree Gap
  • Dana Peak Park
  • Miller Springs Nature Center
Copperas cove Texas map of mountain biking
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Copperas Cove area.

Nearby Riding and Breweries

With several Harvest Hosts vineyards nearby Copperas Cove and even a Harvest Hosts orchard near Austin, and all the breweries and riding near Austin…Dude, Austin, is only 75 miles away. Just go there. Find a friend to stay with, stealth camp (again, don’t tell anyone), get a hotel room, or find an RV park, but again, go to Austin. A few of our favorites – Stout Life Approved – are: Lazarus Brewing Company, Zilker Brewing Company, Jester King, and so many more.

Need some guidance with all those breweries in Austin? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Austin Craft Brewery Guide where we guide you to the breweries, restaurants, biking, coffee, and even the bats.

Austin brewery map
Click the map for detailed information on nearby breweries.

Suggested Routes

Whether you visit Austin before or after Copperas Cove, you must visit Austin. Maybe Austin for a few days: ride some trails, drink some beer, then head north for some riding at Dana Peak Park, then Camp Caylor for some Texas beer, wine, and a great big Texas starry night. The next morning your legs might need some rest, so those green trails at Ogletree Gap might be a very nice thing.

Harvest Hosts Brewery – Bandera

Bandera Ale Project

Located about 50 miles south of Fredericksburg and 40 miles from San Antonio, Bandera Ale Project, aka Bandera Brewery, has a 1/2 acre beer garden, and is committed to small-batch, seasonal brewing to provide the freshest examples of style-true beers. They are committed to supporting their community by collaborating with local craftsmen, builders, musicians, and food vendors.

Mountain Biking Fredericksburg and Bandera

While the main mountain biking trail near Fredericksburg is one blue trail on 12 miles, there are many more in the surrounding areas. Near Bandera, there are a few more trails with more varieties for various skill levels.

Mountain Biking Fredericksburg and Bandera Areas

  • Hilltop Resort Main Loop
  • Bandera Bike Park
  • Hill Country State Natural Area
  • Flat Rock Ranch
  • Kerrville Schreiner Park
hill country mountain biking
Click the map for detailed locations, trailheads, route building, and more in the Fredericksburg and Bandera areas – hill country

Nearby Riding and Breweries

With several other Harvest Hosts in the area and one in San Antonio and one in Austin, it will definitely be worth your while to stick around here for a few days. Plus, there are a variety of mountain biking trails both in Austin and San Antonio. Time to get your beer and drinking on, here! Texas is big!

Need some guidance with all those breweries in Austin? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Austin Craft Brewery Guide where we guide you to the breweries, restaurants, biking, coffee, and even the bats. There are even many destination breweries in the area. Check those out here.

We haven’t been to San Antonio yet, but hopefully the maps will help you out.

hill country brewery map
Click the map for breweries near Hill Country.
Click the map for San Antonio breweries.

Harvest Hosts Breweries and MTB – Austin Area

Hit up the breweries (so many of them) in Austin, but be sure to book your stay at one of the Austin area Harvest Hosts breweries. Iconic beers, views, and so much more can be found within and around these destination breweries. And then be sure to hit the trails. You’ll find a variety of styles from riverwalks to true MTB. Click here to get started.

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We’re not done yet. 

Check out our other Harvest Hosts Brewery Camping, Beer, and Biking Camping Guides:

Stay tuned for more detailed Harvest Hosts brewery and biking locations coming soon.

Feeling adventurous? There are over 1000 Harvest Hosts locations (including an additional golf course membership), and once you become a member, you’ll have access to all those places. Many mountain biking regions that are close to Harvest Hosts breweries are also close to Harvest Hosts wineries, distilleries, farms, and more. So while you can only stay one night per location, there might be another location just down the road. Keep that mountain biking adventure going as long as you can.

Links and Resources:

We do our best to provide you with the most up to date facts; however, we are not perfect, so if you come across something that is not quite right, or you think we should add more, let us know. We appreciate all the help we can get. 



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Melinda at Soggy Bottom Trails

Thank you for the shout out from Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping of Wanette, Oklahoma. We sure appreciate you. Next time you wanna have some fun, bring your sxs or horses out for some river trail riding.

Ken Pishna
3 years ago

Thanks Melinda. We can’t wait to get out there on the trails!