City Acre Brewing – An Acre of Craft Beer Awesomeness!

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April drinking craft beer outside on the patio at City Acre Brewing
You can’t help but smile here!

This Houston Area brewpub gets a Stout Life Approved stamp just for their name (not quite, but close). Located on a beautiful plot of land, albeit right next to the highway just outside of Houston, City Acre Brewing Company is an oasis in the middle of a metropolitan area that boasts over six million inhabitants. So, how on earth did we find this little tiny piece of heaven that serves up some of the best craft beer and craft burgers, not to mention their farm to table craft pickles?

We have learned to listen to recommendations.

Back Pew Brewing

After meeting a great group of people at Back Pew Brewing (Stout Conversation coming soon and definitely Stout Life Approved), known for their Saint (light beers) and Sinner (dark beers) lines of craft beer and located in an old church, we made plans to meet up the next day to test the brewery waters closer into Houston proper.

six pack of beer on a church pew with Saint and Sinner sign at Back Pew Brewing

City Acre Brewing Company

Driving a mere 20 minutes from Back Pew just north of Houston near Humble, Texas, we still managed to stay outside of the heart of Houston. So for those faint of heart, stay-the-hell-out-of-the-city-drivers, we got you covered.

It doesn’t matter, though, because we would have driven almost anywhere for a brewery like City Acre. Nestled in a neighborhood that has seen better days, this brewery is a beacon and beckons you into her gardens with well-placed benches, community tables, and Adirondack chairs, all strategically placed under quaint lights next to climbing vines.

Outdoor area at Houston brewpub, City Acre Brewing
I could sit out here for hours.

With garage doors separating the indoor space from the outdoor space, wide-open on this spring day before the summer Texas heat sets in, there is no better place to be than right here.

After ordering a stout and the best blonde I have ever had, along with a Texas style burger with fries perfectly slathered in pulled pork and cheese, and the pickle platter of the day, consisting of a colorful array of vegetables grown right in their own garden, we settled in under a shady tree to chat with new friends.

burgers and fries and craft beer on a table outside at City Acre Brewery, Houston Area brewpub
Go get a napkin!

With no particular place to be this lovely spring afternoon, it was quite easy to spend a few hours enjoying the blossoming gardens, the warm sunshine, and the easy conversation. Teamed up with beautifully crafted, mouth-watering food, and refreshing and crisp summer beers, City Acre Brewing is easily one of our favorite breweries, and worth every ounce of traffic it may take to get here.

farm to table pickles from City Acre Brewing, Houston brewpub
Gorgeous pickles – fresh from the garden!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have more breweries to visit.

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Listed below are just a couple of the beers we sampled here. We would have had more, but we had to eat, too, so our bellies were very pleasantly full.

City Acre Brewing (Houston Brewpub) – Stout Life Approved

Hitchcock Blonde from City Acre Brewing sitting in the grass - Houston Brewpub
  • Hitchcock Blonde (Blonde Ale) 4.5%  With subtle flavors of coriander and lemon, this is an easy drinking, flavorful beer, perfect for those hot summer days. I liked this beer so much that I had two of them. There are so many beers to try, that I rarely have the same one twice.
  • Sneaky Wheat Stout (Wheat Stout) 4.5% This is not your normal stout. While it still has that robust stout flavor, it also has an undertone of wheat. This is a great dark beer for those stout lovers that love stouts all the time; the perfect stout for a warm day.
  • Pickles, Pickles, and More Pickles – Ok, I know, not a beer, but OMG! These pickles are luscious, and you get a lot of them! Just order them. Trust me!

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