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Bobby says what he wants, how he wants, when he wants, and how much he wants, resulting in a special two part episode of Back Pew Brewing.  

Part One – Saints and Sinners

Creating a community in a church is easy and is definitely one for the Saints.  Creating a brewery in a church would be considered one for the Sinners. Bringing the Saints and Sinners together in one building over great beer, now that’s what Back Pew Brewing outside of Houston, Texas, is all about. 

Whether you like the front pew or the back pew, whether you’re a saint or a sinner, Bobby, owner and brewmaster, has created a unique space to build community around really good beer and jammin’ music.  Come one, Come all.  Just leave the assholes at home. Welcome to church!

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

1:21 A Brewery in a Church
Bobby talks about how he found an old church and how he used logic and coolness to build his brand.

2:28 The Business Plan
While building his business plan, Bobby observed people in grocery stores while they shopped for craft beer.  Turns out they end up buying Coors or Miller instead of the craft brands.  Why?

3:37 Saints & Sinners 
Because of fancy artwork and maybe too much creativity, the general beer consumer won’t attempt to purchase craft beer; it’s too complicated. In comes Bobby’s marketing idea: Saints and Sinners.

4:52 Creation & Evolution
Bobby has a building (a church) and an idea (Saints and Sinners). Through evolving ideas,  Back Pew Brewing was created.

6:20 Don’t be an Asshole!
You can drink to your heart’s content.  You can choose to be a saint or a sinner.  Just don’t be an asshole.

6:49 Drinking in a Church
Most people have no issues of opening a brewery in an old church. Actually, they think it’s pretty awesome!

7:30 Production, Distribution, & Taproom
Starting with production and distribution, Bobby finally gave in and opened up a taproom, eventually also creating a gorgeous outdoor area complete with a large stage, opening up the doors for music fests along with great beer.

10:41 Speaking in Tongues & Snake Handling Kinda Church
Wait? What??!!? Yeah, you just have to listen to this one. Bobby also talks more about renovating this old church building.

14:10 The Nerdy Scientist
Get to know Bobby: outspoken and opinionated, yes, but also highly intellectual. Chemistry is his jam!

15:20 Yeast, Baby!
You gotta listen to his explanation of Farmhouse Ales.  You will never hear a simpler and more hilarious explanation than this! “Ballsy, dude!”

We’d love to hear from you.

Are you a saint or a sinner?  What makes you one or the other? Let us know in the comments below.

Back Brew Beer set in from of church pew at Back Pew Brewing sinner vs saints sign

Tune in next week for Part Two of Back Pew Brewing. Bobby will definitely keep you entertained and educated with his unfiltered opinion of AB InBev while talking more about marketing in a saturated market of big beer vs craft beer.  

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