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Green Buses and Purple Cups

Huntsville, Alabama – Known more for its rocket scene, is also quickly becoming a beer destination. That along with a purple cup policy, will keep you coming back for the unique scene that is Huntsville, Alabama.

Green Bus Brewing, located in downtown Huntsville, focuses on staying small, keeping the creativity and community vibe going strong in this small town brewery.

Started from a passion for both beer and VW buses, Jason, co-owner and head brewer has rocketed his way into the Huntsville beer scene, creating a unique space that serves great beer.

Don’t miss this week’s Stout Conversation with Jason. His work ethic and love of beer will inspire you to follow your passions.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

1:01 The Purple Cup
Entertainment Districts allow open containers while wondering Huntsville, with restrictions, of course.

2:44 Why the VW Bus?
Jason’s passion for the VW bus crosses over into his brewery with the decor and handmade flight containers.

4:09 Rocket City Brewers
Jason talks about the legalities of homebrewing in Alabama, which was illegal until just a few years ago, and how the local home-brew club, Rocket City Brewers, helped with his decision of opening Green Bus Brewing.

6:39 A Brewery is Born
Learning to homebrew from the homebrew club and friends, Jason started in the kitchen then transferred to the garage. From there, he met his business partner, and boom!  A brewery was born.

7:52 Distribution vs Taproom Focus
Deciding to focus more on the taproom as compared to full on distribution, Jason talks more about his decision to keep it small.

10:31 9 to 5’ers During the Day, Brewers at Night
Both owners still work a day job while running a successful brewery. Jason touches on the pros and cons of this common lifestyle within the brewing community. 

12:06 The Huntsville Scene
With an increase in restaurants, breweries, and residents, Huntsville, Alabama is turning into a brewery and entertainment destination.

14:24 Mmm…Beer!
Jason loves to brew almost as much as he loves his VW buses. From dark lagers to citrusy IPA’s to creative milk stouts, he’s got it all covered.

18:15 Historical Renovations
Taking just over a year, Jason and his partners renovated this 150 year old building to create their perfect brewery, breathing new life into history.

20:50 I Love Making Beer
Justin’s passion for creating great beer is evident in his perseverance and love for the craft. Plus, he’s not afraid of hard work. 

21:42 Stout Life
Working a 9 to 5 job and owning a brewery and brewing the beer, can you guess his answer?

23:28 Beyond the Taproom
Raw footage of the brewery itself. 

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