Brash Brewing – In Your Face!

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image of skull painted on garage door  at Houston brewery Brash Brewing Company

Brash – self assertive, arrogant, bold, brazen. Hmm…sounds like Stout! We couldn’t resist the grittiness of Brash Brewing Company. Houston has something unique here with its metal and 80’s arcade style taphouse and brewery. Yes, this place was recommended, but it was more their style and their Facebook cover photo of Be Polite neatly typed and in true offensive, brash style, the words of Go F**k Yourself in graffiti, underneath it that enticed us in off the streets.

With a brewery this in your face, politically incorrect, and a could-care-less-what-you-think attitude, we figured the beer there had to have the same attitude.

It did…bold, edgy, and full of flavor. The good beer along with awesome customer service and friendly customers stacked up nicely for a quick visit to this Houston brewery. Quickly running into the guys we initially met at City Acre Brewing, (these are the guys that steered us to the dark side, or the brash side, so-to-say) another Stout Life Approved Houston brewery, we sparked a conversation about… you guessed it…Beer!

Houston brewery Brash Brewing Company beertender pouring beer

Bachelor Party – Houston Style – Craft Breweries and Baseball!

Dude, you should have seen this spreadsheet one of them created specifically to track the breweries and beer they have all had while traveling the US in search of baseball games and beer. Embarking annually upon baseball and beer trips, these guys know their breweries. Even Omaha Brewing in little ole’ Omaha, Georgia. Such a small world.

group picture of Kenny, April, and our new baseball and beer friends at Houston brewery Brash Brewing Company

Without them I don’t think we would have made it to Brash, so luckily for us, their trip this year brought them to Houston to help a friend celebrate their upcoming wedding. Can you say beer, baseball, and bachelor party! These guys are living the craft beer lifestyle. I hope his new wife understands how important these beer tours are.

Brash Brewing Company

Located behind some nondescript apartment buildings on the outer edge of Houston, Brash Brewing fits perfectly in this warehouse full of gritty character. Garage doors emblazoned with a metal/punk style skull (of which I am pretty sure is related to a band, but I just don’t know who), the entrance leads you directly into the brewhouse itself.

Houston brewery Brash Brewing Company metal style t-shirts displayed on dummies

Somehow presenting itself as both foreboding and welcoming, Brash Brewing boasts a vast space full of community tables, old 80’s arcade games, and t-shirts resembling heavy metal bands of the past. With metal songs playing in the background, I cannot help but think of Trve and Black Sky breweries in Denver, fellow metalheads and brewing geniuses.

Houston brewery Brash Brewing Company taproom with arcade games and community table and barrels and Arrogant Bastard sign in the background

Yes, their beer is good, too. That’s why I called them geniuses, genius. While we only had a total of two beers, there’s a variety of brews on tap here, enough to satisfy anyones’s palate.

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Brash Brewing Company (Houston)

Stout Life Approved

  • Cortado Milk Coffee Stout (American Imperial Stout)  Yeah, a tad bit strong at 10%, but what would you expect me to drink here? And it was good, and smooth, and did I mention good. And that roasty coffee flavor was heavenly (or should I say devilishly) good.
  • Spud Wee Heavy (Scottish Ale) This big malty, not too boozy wee heavy (even at around 8%) had a bit of smokiness and toffee caramel flavor to it that made it oh so easy drinking. I think it is a limited edition, so get there soon, or you just might miss out.

Rock on!

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