4 Simple Life Lessons Learned in a Craft Brewery

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Actually, craft breweries can teach us a lot more than four life lessons, but these four life lessons are pretty top notch skills to have; the ones that could actually change the world.

Life Lessons
Drew at Guanella Pass Brewery

How to Smile

Have you ever noticed a grumpy beertender?  Ok, maybe one or two here or there, but most beertenders and any other employee in the brewery at the time usually have a smile on their faces… for everyone …regardless of their opinions on beer, music, or even politics. 

What’s even more amazing is that these guys probably work more hours than a teacher and for less pay. And they still have a genuine smile on their faces while serving us a beer. We can definitely learn from that.

How to Converse 

Bri and Jon at Guanella Pass Brewery
Life lessons

Ok, yes, you can converse with anyone, anywhere, including a bartender at any ordinary bar. But at a brewery, not only will your beertender keep you engaged in conversation about their brewing system, but other patrons will also warmly include you in on the latest political views, or better yet, new brews in the world.

Try it. Sit down at the bar or a community table, politely interject your way into the conversation, or start one, and most times you will become happily engaged in scintillating conversations. And probably become best friends on social media. 

How to Listen

Christian and Ken at Lazarus Brewing
Life lessons

One thing this world needs is a refresher course on how to listen, and craft beer geeks are pretty good at this skill. Why? Most of us also like some not so craft beers every one in a while (yes, I have been guilty of this, rare, but guilty), such as a light refreshing PBR or a Corona. Because of this contrast in taste, we can better understand the contrast in politics, for example. Since engaging conversation often happens around a good craft beer, and because people are generally enjoying themselves at a craft brewery, active listening occurs.

We may not agree with the other person’s views, but because we have developed the palate for a variety of craft beers, we have also learned that developing a palate for a variety of opinions creates a diversity in this world that allows us to be more open minded and better listeners.

How to be Patient

Pint Room Littleton
Life lessons

Have you ever waited for a nitro pour or stood behind somebody at a brewery that has to understand every type of hops that has gone into a beer before ordering one (that would be Ken)? Well, then you have learned a lesson in patience.

Unlike a bar, you are generally in no hurry to get your brew, so instead of tapping your foot and wondering what the hell that person in front of you is doing, you utilize all four craft beer life lessons while being patient: smile, converse, listen. There’s no rush. You are exactly where you want to be, and if that Double Hopped Milkshake Nitro IPA is kicked before you get a chance to order it, you’ll just order the Imperial Coffee Milk Stout instead.

As long you have your favorite craft brew in hand, playing Cards Against Humanity for the umpteenth time will be AWESOME! There’s no better way to turn a stranger into a friend than over a round of a completely inappropriate game. How else do you think we learn to listen and become open-minded? School?

Dude, which craft brewer is going to be the next U.S. President?

We’re here to change the world!

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Lessons for us all!