A Rebel with a Kettle

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Craft Beer Story – Rebel Kettle Brewing

Always in search of great breweries, we came across a rebel in the industry. Started in a garage in 2013,  Rebel Kettle Brewing in Little Rock’s burgeoning scene of innovative craft beers, became a force to be reckoned with. Being rebels at heart and in hand, John and his team craft beers on their terms.

Don’t miss out on this week’s Stout Conversation with John, set to air this Sunday, May 12, at 9:00 pm EST! Grab your mom and introduce her to some craft beer. Really, is there a better gift than that?

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Everyone has a little rebel inside of them. How are you a rebel? Leave us a comment below.

A sign stating know the rules well so you can break them effectively hanging in the taproom of Rebel Kettle Brewing in Little Rock Arkansas

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Angie Brown
Angie Brown
2 years ago

My mother, Susan Elizabeth Bennett was from the little small town of Omaha, Ga. She left her hometown of Omaha after marrying my father from Americus, Ga. she would take us as small children back to her hometown to visit her parents, my grandparents. My grandfather, Hoke Bennett had an old country store open there until it burnt down years later, someone renting the store from my mother. I married in that country church right there in town. I love going back to Omaha, Ga. and with it being such a small town and knowing everyone, it has to be better than living in Albany, Ga. which is where I now reside. I have two sisters and a brother and we are from Americus. My sisters and I are planning to come visit your brewery soon, hoping you have some entertainment this weekend. 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you, Angie Brown 4/14/21