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Craft Beer Stories from Georgia – Omaha Brewing Company

“You know, it’s going to take like seven to ten years for the grapes to mature. I think it only takes like two weeks to brew a beer.”  Innovative thinking while building a legacy and offering Southern style hospitality. That’s what this Georgia craft brewery is all about. Welcome to Omaha Brewing Company in Omaha, Georgia.  Small town, big beers, open arms.

 This week we finally sit down with the family that inspired our Stout Conversations: Doc, Stephanie, Hayden, and the rest of the crew at Omaha Brewing. Their love of family, the outdoors, beer, wine, and their hometown is captivating and welcoming.  We hope you feel right at home. 

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The old well in the middle of the street in Omaha, Georgia
Omaha, Georgia

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To read more about the family at Omaha Brewing, check this out. We even got to brew with them for a day!

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