Countering Denver’s Beer Scene at Counter Culture Brewery + Grille

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Governor’s Park in Denver Colorado: It’s no wonder Kevin decided to open Counter Culture Brewery + Grille here, in the heart of one of Denver’s oldest and coolest neighborhoods. Having been seasoned in the food industry over the years, with a long time dream of opening a brewery, Kevin’s idea of a counter culture, serving both handcrafted food and beer, how and when you want it, will beckon you in, but it’s the people, always the people, that will keep you there.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

0:53 Goal: Craft Food and Craft Beer
Kevin wants you to visit Counter Culture just as though it’s a taproom, because it is; it also happens to serve great food.

4:08 Grand Opening Challenges
“The word money pit didn’t mean what it means to me now…then.” From soft opening to grand openings and all the challenges in between, Kevin is happy to finally be open for business, without crawling under the counter.

7:11 Beer & Food Pairings
Tempting us with buffalo wings, Kevin talks about how different beers will complement flavors of different foods.  Getting more in depth with pairings, Kevin plans on having many beer and food dinners; possibilities are endless, including beercations.

11:19 The Neighborhood: To Go
Taking advantage of the neighborhood, another goal is to have a to-go window, including crowlers and food. Being located in Governor’s Park, where people walk everywhere, and there are places to walk to, Kevin also plans on becoming the local hangout.

13:08 Balance: a Labor of Love
Currently Kevin and his team have to focus on the business, but they are all well aware that they need to eventually find a portion of balance to allow for time away from the business, even though they love what they are building. It truly is a labor of love.

15:11 A Taste of Inspiration
Kevin reminisces about the first time he tasted a beer with actual intentions to taste it. That moment inspired him to create Counter Culture. And speaking of taste, our burgers are served, and these are phenomenal!

17:01 The Stout Life
Similar to Julia Roberts being in search of her word in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, Kevin’s Stout Life is still being defined.

19:37 Beyond the Taproom: A Tour and Guest Taps
Kevin gives us a tour of a brewery that was built to utilize space very well. He also talks about his reasoning behind having guest taps and collaborating within the community.

We’d love to hear from you.

We’d love to hear from you. Kevin has a passion for both food and beer, but especially pairing them together.  What is your favorite food and beer pairing?  We’d love to try them, so let us know in the comments below.

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