Farts and Feet – Stout Life Interview with Jesse and Janae – Hiking the Colorado Trail

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Have you ever met someone and knew instantly they would become friends? That’s what it was like when we met Jesse and Janae. We had already visited Avalanche Brewing Company the previous night, but liked it so much we ended up there again for some stellar beer and pizza. The patio was crowded, but these two didn’t hesitate to invite us to join their group. We chimed in on their conversations about the environment and hiking and soon realized they had all just met while hiking the Colorado Trail. The beer flowed, soon after, the whiskey sipping began, and the rest is history.

Silverton Hiking the Colorado Trail
New Friends – Ken, Ape, Janae, and Jesse

Be sure to check out Part Two – where we meet up with Jesse and Janae again in Denver, where they learn to acclimate to normal.


Hippity Hoppy-ing Across the Rockies

Stout Life Approved – She’s My Cherry Pie!

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