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Harvest Hosts amongst RVers is becoming the talk of the town, or should we say the road? Actually, Harvest Hosts is becoming the talk of the town with breweries, vineyards, and farm owners, too.

And it should be. As a company that offers free camping to its members while bringing in business to its Hosts, this is not a program that should be written off as yet another scheme. Harvest Hosts is a legit way to camp for free (with a membership) if you’re an RVer, and a legit way to market your business for free if you’re a business owner.

Bayou Teche Brewing Logo Louisiana with RV
Bayou Teche Brewing in Louisiana – all you need is a place to park!

And since we are lovers of all things travel and beer, we want to make it easy for breweries (and more) to see the benefits of signing up as a Host with Harvest Hosts. Seriously, it’s free marketing for you.

Interested in learning more? Scroll on down, dear beer friends. We’ll tell you the benefits, but be prepared, your customer list might just grow a bit, and alongside that, your friend list might just get bigger, too.

Become a Harvest Hosts Member at a Discount!

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What is Harvest Hosts (HH)?

Harvest Hosts is a membership for RVers (or van-lifers) that provides FREE RV camping at over 4,000 breweries, wineries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other unique locations (including golf courses).

For a small yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts members can visit and stay at any HH location completely free. Equally important, they support the local business – YOURS – by patronizing it. And by the way, as a Host, you pay NOTHING!

We invite you to become a Harvest Host, giving you unique and FREE marketing. Being a Host is a great way to share your products with new customers in exchange for an overnight stay. The tens of thousands of HH members spend millions of dollars each year while visiting Harvest Hosts locations. Shouldn’t you be one of those locations?

BrewDog taproom with people and beer signs
When HH guests stay at your business, they buy your goods!

How does Harvest Hosts benefit my business?

Brewery owner or other business owner, we think you’ll understand this statement so wisely stated by a brewery owner, “We didn’t get into the business to make beer; we got into the business to sell beer.” It doesn’t matter what your product is; if you can’t sell it, you can’t make money.

So, we’ve got six ways that Harvest Hosts can benefit your business helping you to sell your wares. Which translates into six reasons why you should become a Harvest Hosts Host.

1) Harvest Hosts does the marketing for you for free.

Harvest Hosts understands that you are in business to make money. That’s why Hosts are never charged to be a Host. In addition to that, Harvest Hosts does the marketing for you. Travelers come to you through the HH website. You don’t have to do any marketing to get them to your brewery. You can, but you don’t have to.

Everyone is looking for creative and unique ways to get their business known. Let HH do it for you for free.

Become a Harvest Host Today

2) Harvest Hosts members make purchases from you.

When RVers sign up to be a HH member, they agree to a member code of conduct which encourages members to make a purchase of at least $20 at each Host location.

According to Harvest Hosts, members have spent around $40 million in 2021 and 2022 across Harvest Host locations throughout North America. Hosts that are well established and known in the program have seen revenue boosts upwards of $10,000 annually from Harvest Hosts members.

We can see why. We joke that we should stay at an RV park instead of staying overnight at a brewery because we spend way more than the $20 recommendation. But staying overnight at a brewery is much more entertaining than a simple RV park. Because like you as the Host, we as members, also make more friends with HH.

flight of beer at Kinkaider Brewing in Nebraska
Just some of the beer we bought while at this Host location in Nebraska!

3) You get a personal Host page on the Harvest Hosts site.

As a Host, you have your own page on the HH website which members access through the membership portal. You can add pictures, video, and any information you want to tell HH members about your business. It also includes links to your website and Facebook page.

4) Harvest Hosts members will refer you to others.

Harvest Host members can be your ambassadors of goodwill. They can write reviews both on the HH website and on social media, and they do! The RV community has a wonderful network and you will find that good news travels fast with RVers. We love to spread the love!

In fact, here at Living a Stout Life our mantra is, “Say hi to a stranger.” That’s one of the reasons why we love HH. We get to visit breweries, talk to people who love beer, and drink with people who love beer. And then at the end of the night we get to walk to our RV and spend the night at a place that we love. (The same holds true for wineries, vineyards, farms, museums, and more.)

Become a Harvest Host Today

5) You get a free Harvest Hosts membership!

As a Host, you not only get free marketing, you also get a free membership with full access to the Harvest Hosts website and membership benefits. If you have your own RV, you can visit other Hosts in your travels.

Alpaca staring in the camera Wisconsin Harvest Host benefit
You may not have an alpaca farm, but as a Host, you could also be a member and stay at an alpaca farm.

6) You make connections.

We get it. Marketing is extremely important if you want to make money in your business. But, ultimately, it’s the people that market you. Yes, as a Host, you’ll get a free host page, members can find you on the HH site, and said members are encouraged to spend money at your business.

But the real benefit of being a Host is that you will meet meet extraordinary and interesting folks from around the world. And your business will receive support from an incredible, tight-knit community of RVers.

RVing friends meeting up at a Harvest Hosts site

So, yes, people will spend money at your brewery (or vineyard or farm or museum) but more importantly, people will remember your hospitality and goods. Which translates to the best marketing ever…word of mouth and recommendations from friends.

And you can never have too many friends nor too much free marketing.

How do I become a Host?

Ready to become a Host? Or maybe you have a few more questions? We’ve got you covered on both fronts. If you’re ready to become a Host now, click the button below.

This will take you to a short form asking for your information with a “Learn More” button. Complete the form and click the button. The application will pop up next.

MENTION LIVING A STOUT LIFE – The only thing we ask is that you mention Living A Stout Life when asked how you heard about Harvest Hosts. We are affiliate partners with them and love to add new hosts and members!

If you have more questions and want to learn more before committing, no worries. Click below for our detailed FAQ page about becoming a Host today.

Cheers to free marketing and connecting to great people!

Send your brewer friends our way or have them complete the application form and mention Living a Stout Life. We’d love to have them as a Host, too! Know people who love to travel and need a HH membership? Refer them here for more information on becoming a member and to receive a 15% discount.

Cheers to free marketing for all and connecting to great people, beer in hand (or wine or veggies or whatever brings us all together)!

Choteau Creek Brewing South Dakota Paul and Lisa behind the bar benefits of Harvest Hosts
Paul and Lisa from Choteau Creek Brewing in Wagner, SD. Harvest Hosts brings them business, but more importantly it connects them to others.

Want More?

Need more Harvest Hosts Info?

For all the details on becoming a Host for Harvest Hosts be sure to check out our detailed FAQ Page.

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