Barn Style Brewing in the Big Horn Mountains

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Ten Sleep Brewing Company

Summertime in the mountains! It doesn’t get any better than this! Unless you have beer.

Ten Sleep Brewing Company Porter in a glass on an old truck with a view of the mountains

And Ten Sleep Brewing Company has good beer for good people.

Nestled next to the Big Horns between the Black Hills and Yellowstone, tourists, climbers, and locals alike gather at Ten Sleep Brewing Company for wild west tales, great beer brewed in a barn, and historic adventures.  We hope you enjoy this classic black and white wild west episode filmed in Ten Sleep Wyoming.

Don’t miss this week’s Stout Conversation with Justin and Dave. They will impress you with their tales of family and turmoil while setting up a brewery in a barn, all while keeping you intrigued with the history of this stunning region.

Video Notes to Highlighted Topics

0:58 The Story Behind the Brewery
Justin talks about how Ten Sleep started when his parents were getting ready to retire, and how he is now taking it over from his parents.

3:35 Trials, Tribulations, and Tourism
Starting a brewery is never easy.  Justin goes into detail about setting up a brewing system in an old barn, lost kettles, smashed steel, and how Ten Sleep relies on tourism since it is the main thoroughfare between the Black Hills and Yellowstone.

10:23 Self Distributing Adventures
When it’s just you and your dad, you figure out how to move the beer, even if it’s in a Passat.

11:12 Old Friends Reconnect
Over a brewery…Imagine that!  Dave talks about how he became invested in Cole and Carol’s brewery in a barn idea.  What happens in Sturgis (or near Sturgis) stays in Sturgis!

14:18 More Demand than Capacity
Demand is growing, but the cool little barn is struggling under the pressures of a successful brewery.  Time to expand.

14:58 Climbers, Tourists, and Locals
Justin discusses the types of beers loved by several different demographics and the struggles of selling wanted beers vs. being creative with new brews.

16:28 Rewards of a Brewery
You can drink it! Justin and Dave love being a part of something that promotes community and offers summer camping, music, and events in small town scenic Wyoming.

18:42 The Bar Top Travels
Dave talks about the family history behind this beautiful piece of art and how it started in Washington and now resides in Wyoming.

20:38 The Story Behind the Name
Ten Sleep is an interesting name for a town and brewery. Justin touches on the origin of Ten Sleep’s Native American name and the history of the area.

22:47 The Stout Life Question
Both Dave and Justin have a couple of the best answers we’ve heard in response to our interview-ending question.  Can you guess?

24:36 Beyond the Taproom
Raw footage in the brewery itself.

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fossils found near the Bighorns and a part of Ten Sleep Wyoming's history

Ten Sleep, Wyoming, may be small but it has quite the history surrounding it. Dave and Justin were talking about finding arrowheads and clam shell fossils. What’s the coolest thing you have ever found on your adventures? Let us know in the comments below.

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