Cartridge Brewing: One for the History Books

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Have you ever rounded a corner and then stopped dead in your tracks? That’s almost what we did when driving to Cartridge Brewing in Maineville, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Located in an old munitions factory, the twisty road leading to Cartridge is one for the books, but when you round that final turn and your eyes rest upon two magnificent spires towering above this massive once-bustling-now-refurbished factory, yeah – it’s a sight to behold. Especially when it houses a brewery.

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Meet Adam Mills, Head Brewer at Cartridge Brewing

Adam thought the same thing. The history behind the building that houses Cartridge Brewing was one of the reasons he moved his family of eight from Michigan to Ohio. Well, that, and he was excited to take on the position of head brewer, where he could brew the beers he loved to brew.

Adam’s excitement for brewing stems from the technical aspects of the science behind brewing. It is because of that, when visiting Cartridge Brewing you’ll be awed by the impressive structure of the both the building and the beers.

His story, while not one quite for the history books as much as the building holds, it is still one of history, so to say. Straight out of high school, he headed to college. Graduating with a history degree, for the next 10 years he taught at-risk kids. While teaching he fell in love with homebrewing. We like to joke that his students drove him to drink, but we’ll let him tell you the actual truth of that story.

“We’re always growing, always learning, and always trying something new.”

(Adam Mills, Head Brewer at Cartridge Brewing)

Join us as we chat history, teaching, brewing, and of course beer! Oh, and did we mention that Adam is also a YouTube star? He is. Not one to ever stop learning or teaching, he created his YouTube channel to share resources, ideas, recipes, and more. Meant for novices and pros alike, this is a brewing channel you won’t want to miss. So, when done listening to his story here, head on over to Adam Makes Beer. This day is going to be one for the history books!

Oh, the Cartridge beers we drank!

  • Sabot IPA 7.9%
  • Hollow Point Hibiscus Ale 5.8%
  • Escape Pina Colada Wheat Ale 4%
  • And more!

Stay Connected with Adam & Cartridge Brewing

Cartridge Brewing
1411 Grandin Rd.
Maineville, OH

Adam Makes Beer

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Shout Outs:

We met Adam through our friends at Malteurop! Thank you for hooking us up for a great story both for us here at Living a Stout Life, and for you all at Malteurop. We love talking all things beer, including malts.

And to Adam, thanks for putting up with us last minute and sharing Cartridge’s story, your story, and your beer. As we’ve always said, there’s more to beer than just the beer; there’s always a story. You moved to Ohio to brew at Cartridge because of your love for brewing and for the history that lies in the walls, and we were lucky enough to cross paths within those same walls. Thank you!


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