Learn Why Good Beer Matters: A Passion & Purpose

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Good beer matters. At least we think so. Actually a lot of people think so, but why? And why should we learn about why good beer matters? Because beer is about more than just the beer. It’s about talking across the aisles, listening to opinions, learning how to take criticism, and learning all along the way. Wait? Are we talking about beer or life? Both. And that is exactly what matters to Jeremy Storton.

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Meet Jeremy from Good Beer Matters.

Anyone who has ever taught anything knows that the more you teach, the more you learn. Jeremy Storton, host of the award winning podcast, Good Beer Matters, is doing just that. Once a classroom teacher, he took his love for education and transitioned it into his passion for craft beer. Along the way he learned that he could help guide others in their search for passion in both beer and life. Beer after all, in Jeremy’s words, “is full of craft and culture, and he wants to help you get to the bottom of it.”  

And that is exactly what we attempt to do in our conversation with Jeremy – get to the bottom of it, and learn more about why good beer matters. Through stories about his beginnings with craft beer, we’ve confirmed our suspicions that Jeremy has a passion for all things beer, but more importantly, he has a passion for sharing his insights and knowledge gained while on his quest to figure out his place in the world.

And while that is about craft beer, it runs so much deeper than that. Beer became a way for him to relate to people and the world. “The world of beer is vast and wonderful and there is more out there to explore.”

Learn why good beer matters.

And in true teacher form, he doesn’t give you all the information – he doesn’t want to – he simply gets you excited for the next step – in both beer and life.

Whether you’re a craft beer expert, a novice, a beer geek, or you’re simply looking to find that something that ignites a quest for passion and purpose – Jeremy is it. An Advance Cicerone, an avid home-brewer, and a continual seeker of both adventures and knowledge, Jeremy’s passion, purpose, and professionalism might just embolden you to embark upon your very own quest to learn why good beer matters.

“The more I learned about beer the more I realized I wanted to learn more about beer. I spend way more time learning about beer than I should so you don’t have to.”

Jeremy Storton (Good Beer Matters Podcast)

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Living a Stout Life on Good Beer Matters

For us, good beer is just the beginnings of our lessons on why good beer matters. We live a Stout Life – a craft beer lifestyle – but what does that really mean? Our hopes is that we’ve ignited something within you through our conversations with Jeremy. But ignition of a spark needs some care to turn it into an actual fire. Inspiration is only just the beginning. To learn more about living a stout life head on over to Good Beer Matters where Jeremy flipped the switch. It’s now our turn to further fan the flame to get you stoked about living your best life – or rather, your Stout Life! Click here to listen now.

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Resources for Transitioning to a Nomadic Life

We’ve created a craft beer lifestyle because that’s the life we wanted to create. But how did we do it? How did we transition from a stationary life to a nomadic one? While none of us will ever be experts on how to live life, we’ve compiled a few of our thoughts into several honest and raw posts. Click here to explore now. Maybe we can continue to fan that flame.

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“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”

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Shout Outs:

Jeremy, we first connected with you at a beer journalism conference, which is sadly now defunct. However, the relationships made from that conference are alive and thriving! You were so inspiring and your conversations and thoughts on education and beer are intriguing. We love the way you connect a life-long passion for learning with education regardless of the topic. We were also honored to be thought worthy of being on your podcast. It was a blast conversing, inspiring, and talking beer for both podcasts. Cheers, until we get to do it again. Have a wet hop beer for us!


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