Stout Conversations

LIsa Manning Harvest Hosts copy

Ever thought about staying overnight at a brewery?

Meet Lisa Manning, the Head of Host and Member Success of Harvest Hosts. We chat with her about Harvest Hosts, of course, but we also talk about RV hacks, the travel lifestyle, and of course, beer and breweries. We always talk about those.

Anna Zesbaugh drinking Hooch Booch in front of boat

Meet the Hooch Booch Yoga Chick

Craft isn’t always about beer. Sometimes it’s about fermented tea, yoga, & travel. Meet Anna Zesbaugh, yogi, traveler, and founder of Hooch Booch Hard Kombucha. We chat about building a business, a bit about yoga, a bit about travel and Alaska, and a lot about creating a life you love.

Daniel Pollard Bridger Brewing Bozeman Montana

Bridging Community & Craft Beer in Bozeman, Montana

The name comes from the local Bridger Mountain Range which sits just a few miles north of Bozeman. The community comes from the people that work and live here. The beer comes from Daniel Pollard. We talk beer, but we also talk community, diversity, music, and all the things that inspire us to wake up in the morning, grateful for the day ahead.

Adam Eckhardt holding a beer Crank Arm Raleigh North Carolina

Beer Love, Bike Love at Crank Arm Brewing

With a mutual love of bikes and beer came a passion project that fit Adam Eckhardt to a tee, Crank Arm Brewing. We were thrilled to be able to talk bikes and beer with Adam, one of the four masterminds behind Crank Arm Brewing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Beer Love. Bike Love!


Unique and Meaningful Craft Beer Rooted in Greeley, Colorado

Nicknamed Wiley by his aunt when he was a precocious, hot-tempered kid, the name stuck. Years later, Kyle and his wife headed from Denver back to their roots in Greeley, Colorado. Using Kyle’s dad’s horse barn to create recipes and brew the initial batches may have been where it all started. But, where it will end, nobody knows. Kyle will entertain, inspire, and make beer fun again.

A Braided Journey of Community with Braided River Brewing Co

Multiple rivers flow into Mobile Bay, and as they do so, they slow down, spread out and cross paths with each other, forming a braided river system. David Nelson latched onto that analogy between the rivers and the brewing community, and Braided River Brewing Company in Mobile, Alabama was born.


Sketchbook Brewing: Art, Community & Craft Beer in Illinois

At Sketchbook Brewing Company near Chicago, Illinois, you’ll find art, community and craft beer. What you won’t find is the door. At least that’s how it used to be. Meet Cesar Marron, Head Brewer here and storyteller. You’ll hear more about the hidden door, opening during a pandemic and how to keep smiling through all of it.


Schoolhouse Brewing: Where Education Meets Recess

Schoolhouse Brewing in Marietta, Georgia, is where education meets recess. A brewery & homebrew shop, Schoolhouse crafts great beer alongside community. Meet Thomas and Justin, former teachers, avid beer lovers and community focused. Now that’s a “school” to get excited about!