Classic Beers with a Side of Chaos at Meddlesome Brewing Co

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In the land of Memphis, Tennessee, the beer may not run far and wide, and you’ll be hard press to find marshmallow flavored beers. But what you will find are two passionate brewers all about the classics. Located in the burbs of Memphis, Meddlesome Brewing Company brings together community over good, classic beers. After all, what’s more meddlesome in the age of throwing everything into a beer, than being classic, instead?

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We have partnered up with Malteurop Malting Company (MMC) to highlight some phenomenal craft breweries for American Craft Beer Week, May 15-21, 2023. Whether it’s ACBW or just any other Wednesday, be sure to celebrate the breweries that you love – no matter the day of the week!

Meet Ben Pugh and Richie EsQuivel of Meddlesome Brewing Co

Early on Ben and Richie, now co-founders and owners of Meddlesome Brewing Company, in Memphis, Tennessee, became friends when they first met within their homebrewing community. The two shared recipes and entered into brewing competitions with nothing but passion and community on their side. It was that passion and DIY style of homebrewing that ultimately led them to open Meddlesome.

Classic Beers with a Side of Chaos

With inspiration to meddle with the gimmicks and trends of craft brewing, Ben and Richie set out with a goal to give beer drinkers good classic beers. But that’s not to say, they don’t like to F**k Around and Find Out (which is a name of their pepper beer), because what’s more meddlesome than also adding a bit of chaos into the scene.

On that note, Meddlesome isn’t interested in what everyone else is doing They’re interested in making beers for the people that show up for them and making sure everyone around has something to satisfy them.

“Brewing beer that beer drinkers like. Real beer drinkers like our beer. I am pretty proud of that.”

– Richie EsQuivel Co-Owner/Brewer Meddlesome Brewing

Join us as we chat all the above and more giving you a glimpse into Ben and Richie’s world. Their passion for beer, their community, their family, their DIY style, and their down to earth meddling sense of exploration will keep you entertained and informed. Because beer is always better when its crafted with spirit – Memphis Spirit, that is.

“It’s scrappy. There’s an attitude that comes with people that live in Memphis. But it’s also about the hustle. Memphis is hardworking and has a big spirit. People from Memphis state, ‘I live in Memphis not Tennessee.’ The rest of Tennessee is beautiful, but it’s not Memphis. It’s a hardworking scrappy town.’”


And that’s also how the two of them define Meddlesome – a scrappy, hardworking community of people. You’ll see. All you have to do is listen. And drink the beer, of course. Never settle. Always meddle.

Connect with Meddlesome Brewing Company

Meddlesome Brewing Company
7750B Trinity Road
Cordova, TN 38018


Malteurop Celebrates Craft Breweries During American Craft Beer Week & Beyond

American Craft Beer Week, May 15-21, 2023, celebrates craft breweries across the nation. Malteurop Malting Co (MMC) is proud to highlight just a few of these remarkable breweries. So, grab a glass and raise it high in recognition of the thousands of craft breweries that work relentlessly to craft the beer that we all love to gather around!

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Shout Outs:

A great big shout out to Rick Barney, MMC’s Distilling & Craft Sales Manager for Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Not only did you hook us up with Ben and Richie from Meddlesome, but anytime we pass through your neck of the woods, you’re a brilliant guide to all things craft!

And another great big shout out to Ben and Richie! We loved meddling around with you both. Your insight into your community and the beer the people love to drink is enchanting! We loved chatting with you, and can’t wait to visit Meddlesome in person soon. It’d be great to be meddling little shits together!


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