Sierra Blanca Cervecería: A Colombian Craft Brewery Story

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The Colombian craft beer scene is one that deserves to be recognized. And one of those Colombian craft breweries is located in the heart of Medellín. Welcome to Sierra Blanca Cervecería, where the beer is fantastic and the people are even better. This is Sierra Blanca Cervecería’s story, but it’s also a story that belongs to Medellín’s craft beer scene just as much.

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The Wonders of Medellín, Colombia

Medellín is a thriving city full of a diverse group of people consisting of locals, expats, digital nomads, and tourists. Many of them looking for the next best thing to experience, the next best dish to savor, or, if you’re like us, the next best beer to write home about.

And while the Medellín craft beer scene is about ten years behind the craft beer scene in the States, it is thriving just as much as the city is. And people here are beginning to appreciate the wonders of craft beer alongside the wonders of this culturally vibrant city.

Curious? Want to plant your trip to Medellín? Do it! And start planning by reading our guide to get you to Medellín.

Meet Carlos from Sierra Blanca Cervecería

Carlos, owner and head brewer at Sierra Blanca Cervecería is helping that appreciation for craft beer along quite nicely. A conference interpreter turned brewer and brewery owner, Carlos has visited many countries. Places like Panama, Chile, the U.S., Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and more.

Carlos under sign We the Underdogs holding beer Sierra Blanca Medellin Colombia
Carlos at Sierra Blanca’s production space in Envigado, Colombia

And along the way he fell in love with beer. So when the pandemic hit and his conference travels slowed down, it was a given. Time to brew more and dial it in. And that he did. The result?

Carlos now heads up one of the best breweries in Medellín with a focus on local ingredients. He and other brewers in Colombia are working hard at creating a craft beer scene that is distinctly Colombian. And that includes the welcoming personas of the Colombian people along with the flavors native to the countryside. Flavors such as passion fruits (of which there are many) and tomate arbol (a fruit which roughly translates to tree tomato.

Inspired by his Latin American roots, Carlos loves to be unique and creative. He brews saisons, barrel-aged beers, and even chichas (a corn-based brew dating back to the Inca era), alongside the more typical craft beers such as IPAs, ambers, and more.

What do a rooster, a rabbit, and a monkey have in common?

They all reside side by side at home on Sierra Blanca’s logo, creating for us, at least, a symbolism of everyone coming together. Locals, tourists, expats, digital nomads. Because at a brewery, isn’t that how life works? You walk into a brewery no matter where you are in the world, and you are home. The people may speak a different language. The flavors may be unique to that terroir. But the community remains the same.

beer with rooster monkey rabbit mural Sierra Blanca Medellin Colombia
The beer (and graphics) at Sierra Blanca is as flavorful as the country it is made in.

So, grab a beer. Join us as we chat with Carlos about the Colombian craft beer scene and how Medellín craft beer fits into it. But also, and more importantly, about how beer brings people together across aisles, countries, and cultures. But you’ll also hear the real story behind the rooster, the rabbit, and the monkey.


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Wether you need a brewery, beer bar, or something to bring back home, wherever that may be, we’ve got you covered!


Oh, the beers we drank at Sierra Blanca Cervecería!

chalkboard tap list and beertender Sierra Blanca Medellin Colombia
All the beers are damn good at Sierra Blanca!

Connect with Sierra Blanca Cervecería

Sierra Blanca Cervecería
Cra 33 #7A – 22, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia


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Shout Outs:

Carlos, it was so great to meet you and your wife! The two of you were so welcoming both with the beer you craft and your personalities. It was such an honor to chat with you both at your taproom in Envigado. This is a moment we will cherish forever. We hope to see you again – either in Medellín or across the globe – wherever each of our travels take us. Until then, ¡Salud!


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