Bufona Cervecería Colombiana: Crafting Community in Colombia

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Is there really anything better than pizza and beer with friends? Only if that pizza and beer with friends is in a home overlooking the stunning Colombian city of Medellin with the owners of Bufona Cervecería Colombiana, a craft brewery in the heart of Medellin, Colombia.

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Welcome to Bufona Cervecería – A Craft Brewery in Medellín

Welcome to Bufona, one of the newest cervecerías artesanales in Medellín, Colombia. With a patio located directly on the sidewalk in El Poblado, a bustling neighborhood of bars, eateries, shops, and a vibrant night life, this intimate taproom is not one to be passed by.

Bufona patio space Medellin Colombia
Welcome to Bufona – a place for community.

Especially when you consider the meaning of the name, Bufona. Roughly translating to the likes of jesters or entertainers, Bufona Cerveceria Artesanal is exactly that. A place to get out of the hustle of everyday life. The goal here is community.

“It’s about that we’re not the most important but everyone is happy to be around you – that’s the beer – you feel important and you’re a part of the place. It’s a way to connect, a way to not feel lonely in the world, and find a way to enjoy life. “

Tomas, Daniel, and Ophelia, founders and supporters of Bufona

Meet Daniel and Tomas from Bufona Cervecería

A passion for community and purpose always, beer didn’t enter the picture until later. In fact, Tomas, cofounder and self titled finance guy of Bufona, didn’t even like beer at first. Although he did become a bottle collector. As for liking beer now? There’s no doubt.

Daniel, cofounder and brewer, on the other hand, liked beer since he started drinking in university. He never imagined, though, that he would become a professional brewer.

The two met in high school. Tomas went on to university and became a psychologist. Daniel went on to university to study mechanical engineering. However, not finding the passion for it that he had envisioned, he took off traveling instead. It was on those travels that he happened upon a beer bar in South Africa where he fell in love with all the flavors of beer. Coming back to Colombia, Daniel couldn’t find those flavors, so he started brewing them.

And since when owning a brewery you have to also make money, it made sense for the two of them to come together.

Although Daniel jokes that there’s a lot more to owning a brewery than simply brewing.

“When you’re just starting, we are not a brewery, we are a cleaning service that occasionally brews.”

And for anyone that knows brewing, there’s not a much truer statement than that.

Their goals for Bufona are as big and beautiful as their country is. Ophelia, their biggest cheerleader and Tomas’s girlfriend sums up their mission with a fierce confidence.

“It’s about building a country with the beer.”


Taking your own trip to Medellín and need to know where all the beer is? After our trip, we compiled everything you need to know about finding craft beer in Medellín.

Wether you need a brewery, beer bar, or something to bring back home, wherever that may be, we’ve got you covered!

Join us as we chat all about craft beer in Medellín!

Join us as we sit in Daniel’s living room, comfortably seated on the floor with the coffee table holding the best centerpieces ever: Bufona beers, pizza from a local joint, and an impressive array of chips. While taking in the beauty of the city below through the homes’ impressive expanse of windows, we chat like we’ve been friends forever. About Medellín’s beer scene. About obtaining hops and malts. About the community that Bufona is creating one beer at a time. 

Connect with Bufona Cervecería Colombiana

Bufona Cervecería Colombiana
Cra. 40 #10-47, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Shout Outs:

Tomas, it was such a random treat to run into you when we stopped at Bufona for the first time. We were thrilled to meet you and Ophelia. Our only regret is that we weren’t able to stay longer. I have a feeling that the four of us along with Daniel could have gotten into some serious trouble, er I mean fun. Daniel, it was equally a pleasure to meet you and hang out at your house for the podcast. The pizza, the beer (especially the beer), the friends – all of it provided an unforgettable podcasting experience. Until we meet again…¡Salud!


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