467 Colorado Breweries, 97 Countries, 40 Days of Beer, 1 Guy!

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Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to visit all of the breweries in one state? Paul Myhill, aka the Colorado Beer Guy, has done just that. He recently accomplished his goal of visiting every Colorado brewery and their associated taprooms throughout the state of Colorado.

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A Brewery Master – All of the Colorado Breweries – Over 400 of Them!

Now among the ranks of an elite few of about 10 to 12 people that have accomplished this feat, Paul is now considered a Colorado Brewery Master. Not only that, but he’s only one of five people that have done so when Colorado breweries hit the plus 400 mark. When he and a longtime friend realized they were on a consistent path of 10 breweries in 10 days which transitioned into 30 in 30 days, and so forth, Paul thought, “Why the hell not? Let’s do all the Colorado breweries.”

It took him 18 months, and while he never set out to become famous from this – he did it simply from the desire to support Colorado craft – Paul has some stories to share, and they’re not all about beer.

Paul Myhill April Ken Strange Craft Denver Colorado
Hangin with Paul at Strange Craft Beer Co

Meet Paul Myhill, aka The Colorado Beer Guy

From learning to love beer in England at a young age, this story isn’t your typical beer lover’s story. It all started in England from associating the smell of malts in elementary school to freedom to a 16-beer 16th birthday party in Texas to a 40 day beer fast, there’s much more to this story than simply visiting all of Colorado breweries. Oh, and Paul has visited nearly 100 countries, too!

Join us as we have an enlightening, inspiring, and down-to-earth story digging deeper into who the Colorado Beer Guy really is. Because he is more than just the beer that he loves so deeply. He is the embodiment of why we love the beer community. Humble and entertaining, Paul will easily become your next best friend. Meet the person behind the Colorado Beer Guy.

Paul Myhill at the bar Strange Craft Denver Colorado
“The best ideas are born over a pint of beer.” (Paul Myhill)

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Shout Outs:

We can’t get enough of you, Paul. Your love of beer, travel, family, and the community behind it all is contagious, and we are grateful to have finally met you, and to now consider you a friend. Wherever you find yourself drinking a beer, we hope we find ourselves along that same path. Sharing a beer with you and chatting about anything will always be a memorable moment. Thank you!


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Jimmie Crawford
2 years ago

WOW WOW WOW – I listened to the podcast and Paul hit so many points that rang so true to me with my childhood experiences. Great job guys!