Elevating Beer, Life, and Music with Intention and Purpose

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Welcome to Elevation Beer Company, where the people and the beer elevate you to your next level, whatever that may be. Sound a bit philosophical? Well, it is. Conversing over a pint (or two or three) of beer sparks the embers of all types of conversations. And that is one reason why we love the craft beer scene. And why we love Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs, Colorado, just outside of Salida. Not only is it the perfect stopover on your way back from Monarch Mountain (it’s also a great local hangout), but it is a place that encourages community and conversation over a damn good beer.

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Meet Some Faces Behind Elevation Beer Company

Carlin Walsh and Christian Koch, co-founders and owners of Elevation met through their wives when they were living in Denver. Christian was a plumber and had a passion for homebrewing. Carlin was working at a fire department and had a background in business and finance. Enjoying a summer evening at Jazz in the Park in Denver, they were also enjoying a homebrew from Christian called Little Mo Porter. And as often happens around a beer, an idea was born.

Andy, Elevation’s self-described Keg Orator (he really does everything, except brew beer and finances) is their oldest employee (you get to decide what that means), and has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Elevation Beer Company, Salida, Colorado, life in the mountains, and music.

“If you like heavy metal and beer, we could be friends and talk for hours about either, over both.” (Andy) Um, we did, and it was fun!

A Conversation About Everything

We sat down with Andy and Carlin to chat about Elevation Beer, of course – their beer is made for the mountains. From being on the water to the snow, they have a beer for you, for every season. But this podcast episode was truly a myriad of conversation. Beer, most definitely, but we also covered economics, sustainable housing and jobs, tourism, collaborations, music, and so much more. So, if you love sitting around with a bunch of friends conversing about everything over a pint of beer, we’ve got you covered.

Elevation Beer Company elevates the conversation with beer, life, and music, all with intention and purpose. Now that’s a business that inspires.

Oh, the Elevation Beers We Drank!

All from Elevation! All fantastic!

  • Tres Amigos Salt and Lime Lager (Also had this as a Bloody Mary!)
  • Irish Red Cask Ale
  • Apis IV Honey Quad
  • DIPA West Coast Double IPA
  • Señorita Horchata Spiced Imperial Porter
  • Oil Man Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels

We’ve pretty much had all the beers at Elevation. These are just a sampling. Whatever you choose here is going to be great!

Stay Connected with Elevation

Elevation Beer Company
115 Pahlone Pkwy
Poncha Springs, CO


And if you want to really stay connected with Andy, he mentioned the band, Dillinger Escape Plan. You can find them on YouTube if you want to know more. Want more music talk? Check out our conversation with Jason from Ratio Beerworks in Denver.

We’ll see you soon!

  • If you’re anywhere near Colorado, you must attend one of the best beerfests in Colorado, Collab Fest. Click here for all the info and to buy tickets.
  • And be sure to get your tics to Camp Carpe Diem held this year in Brevard, North Carolina, in October. Click here for all the info and to buy tickets.

Want More?

Tres Litros Beer Company is Just Down the Road

Want to learn more about Salida? And more beer talk? Head on over to Tres Litros in downtown Salida.

Winter Ain’t Over Yet!

Spring is in the air making for some fantastic skiing and camping trips. So, whether you’re heading out for some spring craziness on the snow or planning your trip for next year, we’ve got the ski resorts that allow camping and the beer to follow the skiing or riding.

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“We appreciate you highlighting our brewery on your podcast, your enthusiasm for craft breweries, travel and adventure and the patronage of not only you, but the friends you bring into Tres Litros.”

Jason at Tres Litros Beer Co

“Ken and April do a fantastic job of mixing the culture of beer and adventure into something akin to a fine barrel-aged sour. They are wise beyond their years. Loving this podcast and it will be on our weekly playlist for SURE!”

The Dog In Us


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Shout Outs:

Andy and Carlin, thank you for your welcoming personas. It was so easy to just chat about everything, and making our listeners aware of what goes on behind the scenes of a brewery is one of the things we love best, besides beer, of course. And there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. Thank you for hangin out with us, drinking beer with us, and showing us around. You and the entire staff are truly elevated on pedestals we look up to. And while everyone there is fantastic, we also especially want to give a shout out to Sara. Every time we walk into Elevation, she is there with a smile, and never forgets our names. We love her!


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